Learn About The Havanese Dog Breed: Health Issues Are A Concern

The Havanese Pet dog is a little hypoallergenic pet dog breed that has actually gained rather a following for its long, streaming, smooth hair, soulful eyes, and overall snuggle aspect. The Havanese pet dog was reproduced as a buddy for Cuban aristocracy, and today it is a devoted family dog that wishes to be with its individuals at all times.

The Havanese canine is a relative of the Bichon household, and it displays in their character. Nicknamed the Velcro Pet, this type is completely and totally devoted to its individuals. Surprisingly, the Havanese doesn’t fit nicely into the lapdog classification that the majority of people consider.

When individuals think lapdog, they think about a pooch that drapes onto an individual and practically stays there. The Havanese little hypoallergenic canine is a lapdog of a various range. Although it has all of the traits of the traditional lapdog, consisting of an intense desire to be with its individuals at all times, it likewise has a fairly high energy level. It likes to romp and play more than most lapdogs.

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Havanese Character

The Havanese pet is a lapdog in every sense of the word. It thrives on human friendship, and it will often become distressed when left alone. This is not a pet dog that wants to be on its own in any sense of the word. It’s nicknamed the Velcro Pet for a reason– it is ALWAYS with its individuals. Don’t be amazed when the Havanese canine follows you to every space in the house, and don’t be shocked if it scratches at your restroom door!

In addition to its friendly behavior, this type is highly smart and easy to train. Its love of family, friendliness, and ease of training makes it the best household pet for a very first time owner.

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Havanese Activity Level

It’s a lapdog, the Havanese pet dog has an exceptional amount of energy. Don’t take this to imply that your Havanese pet needs to go on a mountain walking or the long run.


Havanese Health Issues

The Havanese canine is a healthy type, overall. Normally healthy, there are some conditions that might appear more typically than others in this type.

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Hip Dysplasia in the Havanese

A degenerative condition in which the thigh bone seats incorrectly into the hip joint. This normally does not take a look up until later on in life when arthritis has made its way into the joint.


Elbow Dysplasia in the Havanese

This disorder extremely comparable to hip dysplasia. Treatment is weight management and in more major cases, medication or surgical treatment.


Chondrodysplasia in the Havanese

A congenital disease in which the pet has abnormally brief limbs for the type. It can range from hardly noticeable to debilitating.


Legg-Perthes Illness in the Havanese

A disease in which the blood supply reduces to the head of the femur and that part of the bone dies off, collapses, and warps. Surgery is typically needed, and pets often do extremely well later on.

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Cataracts in the Havanese

The Havanese dog breed can develop cataracts and eye trouble as they get older or if an eye injury occurs.


Deafness in the Havanese

Just like the eyes of the Havanese, the ears can lose hearing as your dog gets up in age.


Luxating Patella in the Havanese

Also referred to as drifting kneecap, this is a typical type in lap dogs. While generally not needed, this condition can in some cases need surgical correction.


Portosystemic Shunt in the Havanese

A condition in which blood from the gastrointestinal system bypasses the liver, resulting in toxins recirculating in the bloodstream instead of being removed by the liver.


Mitral Valve Deficiency in the Havanese

Frequently occurring in older pet dogs, this is a condition in which the mitral valve of the heart begins to fail.

This is quite a list, keep in mind that your Havanese dog might not have any of these conditions, or if it does, it certainly will not have them all. This is simply a list of what’s been seen in the type.


The Havanese canine is a wonderful companion for any family. This breed likes its individuals, and it enjoys to be with them at all times. It’s a commitment, intelligence, ease of training, and love of its individuals make the Havanese dog among the very best choices for a household.

As with any breed, you do have health issues to deal with but that is no reason not to have the love and companionship of a Havanese dog as part of your family.

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