How To Stop Your Maltese Dog from Barking

If you feel the Maltese dog isn’t barking enough, perhaps you’ve got a particular dog. Dogs have a natural tendency to Bark!  Despite the numerous methods they are trained to follow, many dogs bark off and on all thru the night.

The fact is that they can’t stop themselves from expressing their emotions and desires. Did you know that there’s only one breed of dog that does not bark? It’s called a Basenji.

How come my Maltese is Barking at Night?

There is a myriad of reasons why the Maltese dog will bark.

Below are a few of the most common reasons:

  1. Barking that is Defensive to the Territory
  2. Alerting Bark
  3. Barking to Draw Attention
  4. Welcome Bark
  5. Barking out of Rage
  6. Barking is a Habitual part of the Routine
  7. Barking that is Related to Trauma or Illness


How do I Stop My Maltese Dog from Barking?

The most essential and primary points that must be taken into consideration are:

Will the Dog Stop Barking on its own?

Why do Dogs usually bark?

What is Making my Dog Bark?

If you believe the Maltese dog barks to alert you about something, then you’ll never be able to stop the dog from barking. In reality, those pet owners who fail to listen to or attempt to stop the dog’s defensive or territorial barking could need to confront their pet’s aggressive behavior.

It is recommended that you create a safe environment for your dog where it won’t detect anything dangerous and otherwise trigger his alarm or barking territorial. For instance, you could take down the blinds in your home or put up a fence around the backyard.


Maltese barking at night, Maltese barking, Dog Barking
Maltese barking at night, Maltese barking, Dog Barking

Find the Reason to Stop Your Maltese from Barking

As a dog-loving pet owner, it is your responsibility to be looking for the cause that triggers the anxiety response within your dog. Sometimes, Maltese dogs bark to keep you from moving since they want your attention and concern.

Sometimes, the deflection factor works for stopping the barking Maltese dogs. When you get home after a tiring day at work, the dog may be amazed to see you. This is the scenario where you should react with a sulky tone to your dog for about 10 to 15 minutes.

This might seem rude; however, you will notice that it will lessen the barking for attention over the long term when you first arrive home.


Maltese bark, do Maltese bark a lot, does Maltese bark a lot
Maltese bark, do Maltese bark a lot, does Maltese bark a lot


The last option you should do to stop your Maltese barking from barking is to teach him to sit calmly. This method of training requires treats. Check out for videos on how to do this.

Next, you can try the punishment method. This will require a dog crate plus cover to make it dark inside. When your Maltese barks excessively, you simply put them inside and cover the crate.

Make sure your dog isn’t telling you they need to go to the bathroom. The crate is also a great way to get them to be quiet at night. All training requires you to be patient and build up a routine with your Maltese.

If these tips don’t help, it might be time to find a dog trainer. Obedience training from a professional is always a great idea if you can afford it.


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do Maltese dogs bark a lot? Why do Maltese bark so much, Maltese dogs barking



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