Maltese Tear Stains – How to Get Rid of Maltese Tear Stains

If you have a Maltese dog, you might have noticed that it is normal to see tears staining underneath the eyes. Suppose you’re looking for the most effective method of removing Maltese tear stains and keeping their face clear and white. Cleaning tear stains can be a nightmare when you use a method that doesn’t work or you are trying to use a method that might cause harm to your pet. When I had my first Maltese puppy, I constantly sought ways to clear up the tear stains. I was aware that there were numerous tear-stain treatments on the market, but most were quite expensive. Many options were even questionable to use on my dog. However, I wanted to ensure that I used reliable and safe methods for my beloved Marcy. This post will provide you with five methods often used as cleaning solutions for tear staining.


How to Prevent Maltese Tear Stains

The first four treatments are ones I would not recommend. The 5th treatment I’ll discuss is the one I have discovered to be the most secure, easy to use, and the most efficient treatment, and it’s the one that I apply to my Maltese dogs.


Top Maltese Tear Stains Removal Treatments

Maltese Tear Stains Treatment 1: Tetracycline is a ten-day course of treatment that your physician will prescribe. It may require repeating the treatment for a second time to be efficient. When used for puppies, it may result in their teeth becoming stained yellow for a long time before they’ve become.


Maltese Tear Stains Treatment 2: Delta AlbaPlex is an antibiotic similar to tetracycline but has very little steroid. A veterinary eye specialist can only prescribe this. The steroid contained in the product assists in reducing inflammation which could result in excessive tears that causes staining. The treatment must be utilized for a while before you see the results.


Maltese Tear Stains Treatment 3: Ak-Troll is an eye drop medicine. Prescription Only and includes polymyxin B, neomycin, and dexamethasone.


Maltese Tear Stains Treatment 4: Flagyl is an anti-diarrhea medication that a vet will prescribe to treat yeast or giardia-related infections in dogs. But the metronidazole in it has been found to help with excessive tear stains. Excessive tear staining can be caused by increased red yeast within the animal. This treatment takes about two weeks for the desired outcomes to be seen.


Best Method for Removing Maltese Tear Stains Before They Start!

My favorite method after testing a variety of options for removing tear stains.

Maltese Tear Stains Treatment 5: A special powder is sprinkled on the dog’s diet. This is an internal remedy that is effective by working from inside. I don’t need to apply any ointments or solutions, which makes it simple to apply. It’s a natural powder I can sprinkle on my dog’s food.

My Maltese quit having that annoying tear staining under the eyes and has continued to stay white. I appreciated that it was suitable for puppies as well as pregnant dogs. It’s made of natural ingredients, so it is unlikely to cause any undesirable side effects for your dog, compared with the other remedies I’ve mentioned earlier.


What am I awed by with this technique?

  1. I noticed results quickly.
  2. I did not have to seek prescriptions from my veterinarian.
  3. It’s so simple to use.
  4. My veterinarian likes the product.
  5. I don’t need to apply any solution or ointments for my dog.

The treatment does the trick on the inside, which means it can stop the issue right where it began. The ingredients are natural, and my Maltese is like how it tastes. What’s the bottom line when it comes to Maltese tear stains? This powder works great for my Maltese.


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Tips to Prevent Maltese Tear Stains

There are a few different ways to treat Maltese tear stains. If you don’t follow the steps in this article carefully, you’ll only achieve minimal success. In most cases, your results will only be temporary.

Fortunately, there are also a few preventative measures you can take. Whether you’d like to prevent Maltese tear stains altogether or at least minimize their occurrence, there are a few basic steps you can take to help your pet stay free of tears.

The first step to preventing Maltese tear stains is ensuring that your dog is getting enough exercise and enough fresh air. This will prevent excessive tearing, and it will also help them feel better about themselves.

One of the best preventative measures is avoiding foods containing a dye or other chemicals. You should also make sure to clean your dog’s ears thoroughly after bathing. If the problem persists, you can try a brand new product to see if it works.

Another preventative step is to keep your Maltese’s face clean. Keeping his face clean will prevent excessive tearing. Your Maltese face hair provides an ideal breeding ground for yeast and bacteria.

The most common cause of tear staining is a yeast infection called Ptyrosporin. You can avoid this by feeding your dog dry, fresh food instead of dry food.

Tear staining can also be prevented through proper grooming. You can do this by giving your extra Maltese attention to their coat. In addition, changing your Maltese diet and routine will help reduce this condition.

You can also avoid chemicals by making your dog more active and playing with its tail. In addition, you should make sure to clean your Maltese’s ears after baths.

While Maltese tear stains are a common problem, many owners mistakenly believe they are normal. But they are not. These stains are caused by epiphora, which is the overproduction of moisture in the eyes.

Fortunately, these stains can be prevented and removed easily with simple steps. When you can’t prevent them, you can try these preventative measures. You can also buy an anti-fungal shampoo that can help reduce the growth of harmful bacteria.

It’s essential to keep your Maltese’s ears clean. Its eyes are an area of the body where tears are produced. Overproduction of tears may cause infections. If your Maltese has brown stains on its nose, you’re likely suffering from a yeast infection.

If you think your dog has an infection, you should clean it immediately. In addition, it would help if you were careful to wash its ears after a bath.

If you notice that your Maltese puppy’s eyes have tears, you can try applying a coconut oil-based solution to the eyes. It’s safe and gentle for your dog. The natural barrier that Coconut oil provides will help protect your dog’s eyes from soaking up the tears.

It will also help prevent your Maltese tears from staining your eyes. So make sure to see a Maltese’s parents before making a purchase.