Micro Piglets

Micro pigs are a popular kind of small pet – even amongst owners that have never had or cared for pigs before. The decision to buy micro pigs is not one to be taken lightly.

You should carefully consider whether or not your home is set up to properly accommodate and care for these special animals before you take them away from their mothers and bring them home to live with you!

Micro pigs need a lot of attention and are shockingly smart. Many happy owners have taught their miniature piggies to do some amazing things, including standard tricks you would normally only expect from a dog!

Originally, these fascinating little creatures were developed as a sub-species that was ideal for medical research. To this end, micro pigs have been studied by scientists and medical professionals extensively, often losing their lives in the process.

Micro pigs are studied because some people wanted to use them as a source of transplant organs to save human lives. For example, heart patients sometimes receive pig valve replacements during surgery.

Today, you can find micro pigs for sale in local farms and specially bred by breeders looking to capitalize on the recent trend of collecting teacup pets.

One thing you want to be aware of when selecting a micro piggie pet is that some pet breeders will intentionally starve these little guys in order to keep them artificially small – intentionally stunting their growth for a quick buck.

It’s also important that you’re aware that no matter how small your little pig pet is when you first bring him home, there’s no guarantee he or she won’t become a full fledged hogger at some point.

Be ready for this possibility – even if your breeder assures you your pig will stay tiny forever. There are very few breeds of pig that are capable of this.

Officially, micro pigs are defined as being under 15 inches tall at full height.

Pocket piglets have been a fad in pet ownership for a few years now, which has led to many a new and unsuspecting owner being swindled into buying a creature they thought was going to stay tiny forever only to find later that they had a real pig – and a real problem – on their hands.

Unfortunately, teacup pigs haven’t been bred long enough to have a true breed pedigree that would allow buyers and owners more assurance that their pint-sized pet won’t balloon into a full-sized porker.

Most micro pigs are advertised as unlikely to grow beyond the size of a small spaniel.

In addition to the costs that can go into properly feeding your new pig pet, you can toss in the initial price tag.

Private breeders have been known to charge as much as $1,500 per micro piglet!

When you’re considering a micro pig purchase at this kind of price, it’s not unreasonable to ask the breeder for the contact information of other buyers so you can quickly verify whether or not the breeder is true to their word.



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