Micro Teacup Pomeranian

Micro Teacup Pomeranian – All you need to know

Introduction: Loved by celebrities and Instagram influencers alike, the micro teacup Pomeranian is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. But what exactly is a micro teacup Pomeranian? This blog post will look at everything you know about this unique dog breed. Teacup Yorkie Puppies for Sale


History of the Micro Teacup Pomeranian

The micro teacup Pomeranian is a relatively new dog breed; the first documented case of a micro teacup Pom dates back to only 2013. However, the Pom has been around for much longer than that; in fact, the ancestors of today’s Pomeranians can be traced back to ancient times.

Pomeranians are thought to have originated in an area known as Pomerania, which is located on the Baltic coast of Germany and Poland. It is believed that the Pom was bred from larger Spitz-type dogs and that they were initially used as working dogs on farms.

Eventually, the Pom made its way to England, where it became a favorite among royalty and the upper class. Queen Victoria was particularly fond of the breed and is credited with helping to make the Pom popular throughout Europe.

Though they have been around for centuries, it wasn’t until recently that breeders began purposely breeding smaller and smaller Poms to create the smallest possible dog. This trend began in Asian markets such as China and Japan, where “toy” or “teacup” dogs have long been popular.

Eventually, these miniature Pomeranians made their way to the United States, where they quickly rose in popularity.

Micro Teacup Pomeranian

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Characteristics of the Micro Teacup Pomeranian

The most distinguishing characteristic of the micro teacup Pomeranian is its small size; as their name suggests, these dogs typically weigh less than 5 pounds and stand no taller than 8 inches at the shoulder. However, don’t let their small size fool you – micro teacup Poms are just as smart and spunky as their larger counterparts!

In addition to their small size, micro teacup Poms also tend to have thick fur coats. This fluffy coat is one of the reasons why micro teacups are so popular; who doesn’t love a cute little dog with a big ol’ fluff ball for a coat?

Micro teacups also tend to be very vocal dogs; they love to bark and make noise! This can be both good and bad; on the one hand, it’s great because you’ll always know when someone’s at your door or if something is going on outside. On the other hand, it may not be so great if you live in an apartment complex or in close quarters with your neighbors!


Breeder Beware!

While there’s no denying that micro teacup Poms are adorable, would-be owners should beware before purchasing one from a breeder. Unfortunately, health problems are common in micro teacups because they are so small and fragile. For example, many suffer from hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), respiratory problems, and heart defects.

Additionally, because of their small size and delicate bones, micro teacups are prone to injury; even something as simple as jumping off a couch can result in a broken leg! As such, it’s important that prospective owners do their research before purchasing a micro teacup Pom – these dogs are not for everyone!


Conclusion: If you’re considering purchasing a micro teacup Pom, do your research first! These adorable little dogs may be small, but they have a big responsibility. You need to know a lot, from health problems to injuries, before welcoming a micro teacup into your home!



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