Mountain Feist Dog Breed Information and Facts

The Mountain Feist breed was first developed in the rural south of North America. The people in the south wanted a low-maintenance dog that could hunt game and vermin around the property. This dog breed dates back all the way to the time when Abraham Lincoln was alive. The word Feist is an ancient word that means small and noisy. The Treeing Feist is a breed of feist from the Southeastern United States. Originally considered a single breed, the Mountain Feist is now considered a separate breed with both being separately recognized by the United Kennel Club.

History of the Mountain Feist

The Mountain Feist was developed in the 19th century as a means to keep livestock and poultry protected in the outdoors. People back then did not have dogs that could climb trees so the Feist breed was created to go in forage around the property and hunt. Mountain Feist’s are known for hunting squirrels, rabbits, mice and voles and are also good around the farm and keep the chickens safe. The Treeing Feist has developed over the years and is now recognized by both the AKC and the Canadian Kennel Club. The Mountain Feist’s natural coloring is mostly black, with a blaze on its face. When this mountain breed is bred with another of similar coloring, it is called a Mountain Feist of Selectivity. This results in specific traits that may not be visible on a Mountain Feist dog in general.

Description of the Mountain Feist

The Mountain Feist is the smallest dog breed in the United States. It is only five pounds when fully grown. However, it is still considered a small dog. The Mountain Feist is very sensitive and can be shy. The dog is happy with its family and other pets in its life. It is not overly excitable, which is a very good thing. The Mountain Feist is a high-energy dog that requires a daily run. It is a very loyal companion. However, the dog also needs an owner that is dedicated and consistent in its training. The Mountain Feist breed is one of the first bloodlines in which dogs had to be trained by people that knew how to care for the small dog. Most Feist breeders bred small dogs with some training by people. Most Feist dogs today are only about 10 inches in height.

Personality of the Mountain Feist

The feisty nature of this dog breed can make them fun to have around, but they can also make them extremely frustrating to own and train. These dogs were bred for the outdoors and for the necessities of hunting and predator control. They are rarely domesticated and although they are used as therapy animals, they are typically not well-socialized. The Mountain Feist is not very affectionate and it is best to keep them and other dogs separated in the household. They do like to fight so they should be spayed and neutered. The Mountain Feist dog breed has an exceptional hunting instinct. They excel in chasing and catching small mammals such as mice, squirrels and rabbits. However, they are not very effective hunters of larger prey.

Temperament of the Mountain Feist

The Mountain Feist is not prone to biting and will just nip at someone accidentally. He is a very loyal companion who is happiest to be by your side. He is described as easy-going and playful. He loves other dogs and dogs of his size are not a problem with him. He can be an adventurous dog and will sniff out any animal or small animal he can get a whiff of. How to properly socialize your Mountain Feist The majority of the Mountain Feist breed is said to be very well-mannered with other dogs. They are quite good with other dogs of all breeds and ages. This is a dog that loves other dogs and is very friendly with them. The problem with many Feist dogs is that they are very fearful around people.

Health Issues of the Mountain Feist

Health problems usually tend to be seen in Mountain Feist dogs because of their smaller size. One of the main health issues for Mountain Feist dogs is breathing problems. The airways of the Mountain Feist dogs are normally very narrow and limited. Therefore, they usually have problems breathing when they are hot and humid. Small-to-Medium-sized Breeds Mountain Feist dogs are small-to-medium sized dogs that have a bone structure that is like that of a fox terrier. These dogs are typically short-haired, and sometimes they have some grey in the coat. One of the main things that differentiates the Mountain Feist breed is their medium-to-long build. Temperament of the Mountain Feist The Mountain Feist is a very good dog for families.

Grooming Needs of the Mountain Feist

Mountain Feist should be brushed daily, especially when brushing out the undercoat. Breeds which have longer hair such as Labs and Shepherds are hard to groom if not brushed. A good brush is essential to keep your Feist looking as stylish as possible. Feist has a thick undercoat that makes them shed more than other breeds. This leads to a lot of fur around the house. If you have a dog, you should check the clipper blades because they will get dull quickly if you only brush the dog with regular frequency. The thick undercoat can also result in Feist dogs that are more prone to scratching. This can be avoided by using a quality coat-cutting brush.

Training Needs of the Mountain Feist

The breed has good working characteristics, as the dogs are highly trainable. A good working dog should be more agile and agile than most dogs of this breed. A working dog should be a good example of the behavior required. They need to be calm, efficient, loyal, intelligent and protective. On top of that, a Mountain Feist needs to be fast and agile. An active, well trained dog is a great companion. The training of Mountain Feist dogs should always start from the puppy. The Mountain Feist breed is very tolerant of training and they thrive on it. They are quick learners and they will enjoy the process of learning. Mountain Feist Terriers for Outdoor Dog Activities Mountain Feist Terriers are best used for outdoor dog activities, as the breed thrives on living a rough and active lifestyle.

Exercise Needs of the Mountain Feist

Mountain Feist’s are the perfect family dog. They are active and very intelligent. Mountain Feist breed dogs are great for any lifestyle. Whether you need a small dog to keep your young children entertained or you are looking for a large dog to accompany you on long hikes, these dogs can fit in perfectly. The Mountain Feist should not be kept on a chain or kennel as they can easily get bored. The Mountain Feist will thrive in a home with children but may need a fence if left in a backyard. Mountain Feist breed dogs like all dogs need exercise, so take them for a walk, play fetch and do some training with them. If you are looking for a good dog to keep your children entertained, look no further than a Mountain Feist. What are the Downside of the Mountain Feist Breed?

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