Need to Know Information About the Cairn Terrier Dog Breed

Owning a Cairn Terrier today provides you some connection to the forefathers of this little working canine from the Scottish Highlands and the Isle of Skye. A smart and strong-jawed canine, the Cairn Terrier gets its name from the stacks of rock called cairns that are frequently discovered on open ground in Scotland. Following the Scottish Terrier and others in being called, the Cairn Terrier still carefully looks like the working canine of 200 years back, which at the time made their keep getting vermin out of the cairns and going after weasels and other animals.

Today this terrier makes an excellent animal, (Toto, from The Wizard of Oz, was a Cairn) even in smaller sized houses and houses, tending to live a long life and stay active for several years. A rather muscular canine, with huge teeth and big nails for digging, the Cairn can be solid so it needs to be monitored and treated with caring care.



The Cairn Terrier is not a type that is comfortable living outside, in spite of its love of play and searching kind of activity. As an animal, this type is best

kept close to the household and not connected outside, securing the pet dog from possible bigger animal attack. The Cairn likewise requires time alone, to rest without disturbance from the household. Typically, they will let you understand when they are ready to play once again.

Exceptional with children and hard physically, their personality is still such that they do not endure being maltreated or teased. Generally, this type is independent in nature, although each Cairn Terrier has unique characteristic. Nevertheless, being held for extended periods is not one of the Cairn’s favorite activities.

Size and Color

A healthy Cairn Terrier looks out and prepared, a canine with rather shaggy look however with little pointed ears and tail up. Color differs in Cairn Terriers, though no specific color is preferred over another by owners. In fact, the Cairn’s color can alter for many years, with numerous tones getting much darker as time passes.

Normally 10 inches or less in height and under 14 pounds, the Cairn is a little bundle however is steadily developed and likes to have fun with kids. This canine stands somewhat forward on brief, strong legs and strong hindquarters, its durable body is covered with a shaggy coat, the teeth are big, and the eyes are generally hazel in color. One obvious function of the Cairn Terrier is its deep, strong chest. Bear in mind that while tough, this is not a heavy type.

Feeding and Grooming Requirements

A quality diet plan is best for any pet dog, however the Cairn Terrier ought to not be overfed since it tends to put on weight. With correct care, the Cairn will live to be 14 or 15 years of ages. Many people well-informed about the Cairn will inform you that providing the type deals with ought to be a minimal thing, particularly due to the fact that the Cairn’s character leads it to plead for more.

As far as grooming, the Cairn Terrier is simple. The coat is not excessively long while still having a shaggy look. To keep matting and tangles under control, you would wish to supply your pet with a day-to-day brush and bath every 2 weeks. Then, hair growing around the ears and eyes would require to be cut. As pointed out, the Cairn Terrier likewise utilizes its nails for digging so these too ought to be kept trimmed.


Workout Needs

The Cairn Terrier, because of its little stature, does not require a big lawn or open space to run, however owners must make certain that their family pet gets enough workout, such as a see to the park or some outdoors activity in the lawn. European Cairns are normally larger than American Cairns, and a few of the canines in this type that fall well outside the typical size are the outcome of careless breeding. With everyday workout and correct training, you will have a wonderful addition to your household.

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