Need to Know Information About the West Highland White Terrier

Need to Know Information About the West Highland White Terrier

This little, strong type, the West Highland White Terrier, has a longish, white coat, is energetic and a bit self-possessed sometimes. Nevertheless, Westies are generally less irritable and irritable than some other terriers, and can be rather friendly. The canines of the type like to dig and bark. Some owners discover the Westie makes an excellent guard dog.

The West Highland White Terrier will be great in a house without a big backyard. Many pet dogs of this type are active inside your home and will succeed with simply a bit of routine workout. A Westie will take pleasure in being around individuals and might succeed with children if the kids are well acted and do not torture the pet. West Highland White Terriers are reasonable healthy and live a long life.



The West Highland White Terrier can have a high degree of “self-confidence” according to skilled owners. At the same time, Westies get along pet dogs and like to have friendship. The canines of this type are understood to be great watch pet dogs too, as they bark loudly and are fearless enough not to be scared of other pets.

Westies are highly constructed and have a curious nature. Therefore, they will chase after little animals however generally do not trigger them injury. The American Kennel Club acknowledges the Westie as being extremely alert and even bold. Extremes of timidity or hostility are unusual and thought about faults in the West Highland White Terrier.

Size and Color

The adult male Westie will stand about 10 inches to 12 inches at the withers and weigh from 15 pounds to 22 pounds. The woman of the type will have to do with 9 inches to 11 inches high and weigh from 13 pounds to 16 pounds.

As the name indicates, this type has a white coat with hairs about 2 inches long. The undercoat is much shorter and softer. The tail is typically about 5 inches to 6 inches long and brought upright. It needs to not be docked, according to club standards. Any color aside from white is thought about a fault. Some pets of this type have a gold or wheat colored coat and are thought about inappropriate as program canines.

Feeding and Grooming Requirements

Regular brushing is suggested for the straight hairs of the coat. This keeps it dispersed uniformly and assists keep the coat oiled effectively. Westies are prone to dry skin issues, so regular bathing is dissuaded. Additional attention needs to be paid to the Westie’s ears, as this type can establish wax accumulation and small ear infections.

The West Highland White Terrier is reasonably simple to feed and will establish eating practices rather quickly as it adjusts to the household schedule. Although the Westie is not naturally a one-person pet, it might be best to have someone in the family be accountable for figuring out when the pet will consume, where it will sleep and so on.

The Westie requires to find out a regular it can live by. Some pure-blooded pet dogs establish allergies to more affordable business foods, frequently because of the high grain material of these brand names. This could be an issue for the Westie because the type might be prone to skin issues and skin inflammations.


Workout Needs

The West Highland White Terrier will succeed with periodic strolls on a leash and a long time to run a bit in a secured location. The Westie does not normally require a great deal of workout and is active inside your home. This might be a great pet dog for those residing in a backwoods in addition to for those in the city. However a lot of Westies do not like to be held for extended periods, as they choose to move about by themselves inside your home and rest apart from others.

West Highland White Terriers were utilized as hunting dogs in the early years of the type, frequently assisting their master bring home little video game such as bunnies and squirrels. So Westie owners need to be gotten ready for an active and energetic family pet that likewise tends to act a bit larger than its real size.

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