Over 57 Facts and Questions Answered About The Boston Terrier Dog Breed

The Boston Terrier is a friendly breed who loves attention. Country of origin is the USA. Popular name is Boston Bull. The breed’s large and prominent pair of eyes are a distinguishing feature. Situated wide apart on the face, the eyes are fixed squarely in the skull. They are the first non-sporting dog breed in the U.S. As their head size is too big for a natural birth, puppies must be delivered via C-section to ensure their safety and that of their mothers. Named the official state dog of Massachusetts in 1979. After spotting and attacking a German spy, a Boston terrier named Stubby was promoted to sergeant in the U.S. Army in WWI. The breed originated around 1875, when Robert C. Hooper of Boston purchased a dog named Judge, from a bulldog and terrier lineage, and bred it to a white bulldog-type female.

Boston Terrier Dog Breed Information

Diet For the large portion of their diet, the Boston terrier dog will need to be fed bones and pate made from meat. Breed Traits Average height: 12-13 inches Weight: 18-30 lbs. Coat Distinguished by its short, tightly curled hair. Color: Natural Patchiness: Vary with each generation. Curliness: Moderately to highly Massage of the paws: Rare. Temperament Easy to train; great companion for children and other dogs. Health Issues Anthemic thrombocytopenia; very rare. Nervous ness due to paralysis of the spine; extremely rare. Owner-sons from the same gene pool usually end up more aggressive. Stiffness in old age; about 5 years. Anemia due to low Vitamin E. Care Daily teeth brushing to remove any tartar or plaque build up.

What Kind of Temperament Does The Boston Terrier Have?

This is the kind of temperament the Boston Terrier has: friendly, devoted, and sociable. A charming canine with boundless energy, it is an energetic, excitable breed. An outgoing personality makes it a social dog. Family pets, this breed is friendly with children and family members alike. They make wonderful family pets. When they are not rambunctious or mischievous, they can be extremely loving and loyal. Family dogs, their relaxed temperament makes them very docile and easy to handle and a good fit for a family with young children. Good with children who are not always good with animals. They are very sociable with everyone, they can make friends with almost anyone. Which People Loves The Boston Terrier? These dogs are often popular with the youngsters.

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What Should I Feed My Boston Terrier?

This is a breed that was once often sold in pet shops and pet food stores and now you can buy their food online. It is recommended to feed them an a balanced diet and include vitamins and minerals in their diet as part of the nutritional requirements. What Should I Give My Boston Terrier for Exercise? For healthy Boston terriers, you can walk them on a regular basis and run or play fetch. Other times you can let them socialize with other dogs or play games with them. They are also an energetic breed, so you should also be mindful of their energy levels.

How Much Grooming Does The Boston Terrier Need?

1. It will require frequent brushing to remove loose hair, along with maintenance to remove dandruff. The dog should be kept groomed and free of stains. However, excessive care cannot be performed on a daily basis. 2. The bulldog-type Boston terrier also needs regular teeth cleaning. A deep and painful gum disease is to be avoided. 3. In the absence of these necessities, a small hairball can be controlled by a natural food (proteins) that can be applied daily to the bottom or sides of the mouth. 4. The long, curly coat should be brushed every day to remove tangles and loose hairs. A product that is available at the drugstore should be used to keep the dog clean and healthy. 5. The Boston Terrier requires its long hair to be cut regularly.

Is The Boston Terrier Easy To Train?

Boston terriers are easy to train if they have an attentive owner. The more they have done with you, the more they will be inclined to do with you. They are very intelligent and they tend to get bored quickly. Have You Found The Terrier To Be Helpful For You? Yes. The breed has been used as watchdogs. They are great with children and they love attention. They are not great with strangers and would not be very well-suited to live with young children. Is The Boston Terrier Dog House Friendly? The Boston terrier dog is friendly to its humans and they tend to be quiet and well-behaved in the home. They require a lot of attention and they thrive well when they are given the chance to occupy themselves. Do The Boston Terrier Dogs Love A Clean Home?

What Health Issues Does The Boston Terrier Have?

Most of the Boston Terrier’s health issues are caused by their breed. Common health issues include: Congenital Disproportionate Ratio Congenital Disproportionate Ratio is an abnormal proportion of bone and other structural malformation (overgrowth) of one or more body parts. Sometimes called a clubbed foot or bunion, this abnormal abnormality causes the extreme point of weight to be at the distal joint of the lower leg or toes. The extreme point of weight causes the foot to be flat with immovable outer toes. This abnormal condition may be associated with abnormal bone growth, cartilage overgrowth, fistulas, skin overgrowth, or any combination of these malformations. Untreated, this deformity can be very painful and permanent.

What Is The History of The Boston Terrier?

Boston Terrier History – Facts and Questions How did the Boston Terrier develop? The purpose of having dogs for fighting was no longer used and by 1904 Boston Bull Terriers were on show in the Kennel Club. The entry card for the Boston Bull Terrier’s entry in the first Westminster Kennel Club dog show is reported to be: “The Boston Bull Terrier, 1st in 9th.” Who created the Boston Terrier? In 1878 Robert Hooper, a Boston contractor, bought Judge, a dog from Dr. Leontief of New York and bred him to a white bulldog-type female to create the Boston Bull Terrier. What is the Boston Terrier? The Red Coats of the First World War were an inspiration to many. A custom was created: as the German spies were reported to have looked like dogs, the US troops gave them the name “Boston Terriers”.

What Is The Breed Standard of The Boston Terrier?

The standard of the Boston Terrier is not determined by the breeders or organizations. It is set by the Kennel Club of England (kennel club.org). In other words, you can submit the standard or dog for registration. The standard is reviewed regularly by the Kennel Club. It is regarded as the standard of excellence and reflects the body type, temperament, health, and other features of the breed. The only way to be registered for the Boston Terrier is by submitting a standard. This is determined on how close your dog matches the specifications set by the Kennel Club. However, there are no registered animals that are not as tall as standard. Hence, the other physical qualities must be intact and described.