Pekingese Dog Breed Information and Facts

The Pekingese, also known as the Peke, is a small dog breed known for its wrinkly face and soft, silky fur. They are known for their clown-like personality and are affectionate, playful, and intelligent. The Pekingese is a member of the non-sporting group of dogs known as toy dogs. Pekingese dogs were originally bred from the Asian Spaniel and the toy spaniel. You can identify a Pekingese dog by their wrinkly face, long, droopy ears, and tail. The original Pekingese was a short-haired dog that was only about 30 inches in length. The Pekingese is a small, gentle lap dog. This dog is a toy dog. It is not a working dog. It is a lap dog. This is a very active dog. This dog loves to run around, play and chew on things. It is a small dog, so it does not need to run long distances.

Pekingese Dog Breed Information

The Pekingese breed has a wrinkly face and long, droopy ears. It has a short, stiff tail. Pekingese Dogs are usually mild-tempered, friendly, and like to play. They are calm and gentle around children. Pekingese Dogs are very popular as lap dogs. This dog is a very active dog. It is a playful, but also a calm dog. It is not a strong swimmer, but it can swim. The Pekingese is a smart dog and is a very good walking companion. It is excellent for families with children. Pekingese Dogs are social dogs. They are sociable. They do not have many health problems. They are alert dogs. They bark at unexpected sounds. The Pekingese needs time to adjust to a new home. Some Pekingese Dogs are very active and exuberant. They need more activity than other breeds.

What Kind of Temperament Does The Pekingese Dog Have?

The Pekingese is a very calm and gentle breed. This breed is easy to train and very smart. The Pekingese has an excellent social skills. It is a very friendly and loyal breed. The Pekingese is a very intelligent dog, which means that it is very easy to train. This breed is an active dog, so it does not need a lot of exercise. Pekingese dogs are very easily housebroken. They do not need to be crated at night because they are a very good sleeper. How Much Do Pekingese Dogs Cost? The Pekingese dog comes in two sizes. You can either get a small, short haired, solid-colored dog or a long haired, solid-colored dog. A Pekingese puppy. The longer haired Pekingese weighs around 8-9 pounds and is between 6 months and a year old.

What Should I Feed My Pekingese Dog?

Pekingese dogs need a good quality dry dog food. The dog food should be moist to maintain the perfect texture of the dog food for the dog. The food should have good quality meat, poultry, and fish. Your dog should eat a lot of this food each day. These dogs need a lot of fresh, wet food for some of the nutrients. A Pekingese dog should have a healthy diet. These dogs need fat-free wet food or wet food with vegetable matter. You should feed it very slowly as it is very small. These dogs need a dry diet. Pekingese Dog Care Tips Pekingese dog care tips include: When Pekingese dogs are young, you can feed them a balanced diet of meat, poultry, fish, and fruit for treats. When they are young, they need to have food moistened with water. They need a small amount of treats during the day.

How Much Grooming Does The Pekingese Dog Need?

Pekingese dogs are very clean dogs. They do not need daily baths, but they need to be brushed weekly. Brush the dog with a Kong Kong Wobbler! This is a great tool to help condition your dog’s coat. Wobbler Kongs are designed to eliminate dog claws and add variety to your dog’s daily routine. You can brush the dog’s entire body, including his/her ears and tummy. There are some dogs that are very sensitive to grooming. If you suspect your dog may be one of these dogs, consult your veterinarian before grooming your Pekingese. Grooming your Pekingese doesn’t have to be done very often! Pekingese dogs need grooming every two to four weeks for optimal health. Who Can Adopt A Pekingese Dog? There are two different kinds of Pekingese dog breeders.

Is The Pekingese Dog Easy To Train?

The Pekingese is a very playful breed and so many people tend to underestimate the training requirements to train this dog. Puppy parents should not expect their dog to know basic obedience commands in just a few weeks. They should also expect their dogs to be very needy and not want to spend time in their crate. Pekingese Dog Names and Birthday/Surname The Pekingese Dog’s birthday is usually in late February or early March. The Pekingese is named after the Peking Opera. It’s origin dates back to ancient China. To find out your Pekingese Dog’s surname, please click here. What Are The Traits Of A Pekingese Dog? The Pekingese dogs tend to be very intelligent. This breed is always following their owner and is eager to please. The Pekingese loves attention and wants to please its owner.

What Health Issues Does The Pekingese Dog Have?

The Pekingese dog has very few health issues. There is no allergies in the breed and there are no contagious diseases. The only health issue that Pekingese dog has is the fact that their tail wags a lot when they are happy. Pekingese dogs can live for 12 to 15 years, if they are well cared for. Pekingese dogs are adaptable and have a long lifespan. A puppy can be taught many things. The Pekingese breed has great intelligence and needs a loving home with lots of care. Can I breed a Pekingese Dog? Most breeders will tell you that you cannot breed Pekingese dogs. The most common reason why breeders won’t breed Pekingese dogs is that they breed very small dogs. These small dogs are not suitable for adult dogs. Breeders typically want dogs that have been bred together before.

What Is The History of The Pekingese Dog?

The Pekingese dog originated in ancient China during the Ming Dynasty, which occurred from 1368 to 1644. In ancient China, the spaniel was the dog of choice for hunting game. Spaniels were known for their large ears that they wore backwards so that they could hear the game in the distance. It was not until 1864, when the breed first came to America, that the spaniel began to be known as the Pekingese. There is another legend which goes back even further in history, which states that the Pekingese was the dog that Emperor Kublai Khan used to lead his hunting parties. When the British attacked the Chinese Empire during the Opium Wars, the Emperor trusted only his personal Pekingese to carry his weapons and protect his family.

What Is The Breed Standard of The Pekingese Dog?

The breed standard of the Pekingese Dog is as follows: To be an ideal family dog, with a gentle, happy personality. A lively, compact, compact breed with a long back and long, smooth, glossy coat. To be an intelligent, alert and lively dog of medium size with a compact head and neck and medium length ears and small, closely set eyes. To be able to play games such as “Stay” and “Return”. To bark only when a real threat is present and not whenever it chooses. To use a bath and blow dryer on a daily basis To enjoy a life of healthy living and active exercise. To enjoy regular exercise, adequate mental stimulation and grooming. To enjoy regular walks and be kept in an environment that allows for a high degree of freedom. To be an intelligent, obedient and affectionate companion dog.

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