PET FRIENDLY HOTELS Finding the Perfect Pet Hotel

Are you leaving your apartment or home for a brief period of time?

If you are, you may want to consider renting a hotel in one of the friendly pet hotels in your city.

Remember, pets get lonely, so be sure and bring them with you. We have included some tips that should help you find the perfect pet hotel.

You can do most of your research online. There are many great websites that can help you with your search.

One such site, Pets Welcome, will provide you with a thorough list of hotels and other hotel chains that are sure to accommodate your needs.

You will also find a list of veterinarians who you may call if you have an emergency.

If you have a cat, there is also a directory for you here too. Pets on the Go, devotes time and information, including what you will need to pack for your pet.

Some hotels even have friendly packages for pets too.

Once you have found the hotel that will accommodate both your pet and yourself, the next step will be to understand the rules.

All pet friendly hotels will have a specific set of rules and procedures that you will have to follow.

For example, some hotels will require you to sign a waiver of responsibility if your pet damages the hotel rooms.

Other hotels will require a pet deposit that will be refundable. Many hotels will have certain pet weight limits like many apartment homes do.

Be sure you contact the hotel before you arrive just in case you may have missed something.

Also if you have special needs for you or your pet, this would be the time to ask any questions you might have.

Before you get out on your vacation or trip, be sure and stop at your local vet and get the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection.

It will state that your pet has a clean bill of heath and doesn’t carry any diseases with it.

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