PET FRIENDLY HOTELS Luxury Hotels For Your Dog or Cat

Today’s upscale hotels have gone to the dogs. Hotels including the Four Seasons, Loews, W Hotel, Hotel Monaco and the Starwood chain are now warmly welcoming-and even wooing-travelers with pets.

They understand that many people consider their canine companions to be members of the family, and won’t travel anywhere without them. They also understand that opening their doors to four-legged guests can generate huge revenues.

Luxury pet friendly hotels have made smuggling Fido through a back door, under a coat, or up a service elevator a thing of the past.

They’ve eliminated the stress of kenneling a dog or searching for a trustworthy pet sitter, and the guilt and worry of leaving a dog who suffers from separation anxiety.

They’re also attracting customers who would have preferred a luxury hotel, but resorted to staying at a cheaper, pet-friendly roadside motel.

Apparently, that’s a lot of potential customers. According to Washington, DC’s Travel Industry Association of America, 62 million people in the US are dog owners, and 29 million of them hit the highway with their dogs riding shotgun.

This trend has prompted upscale hotels to open their doors wide to wet noses and wagging tails, and offer pooches four-star services.

Dogs at luxury pet friendly hotels are treated to amenities including in-room massages, nail clipping, a chef who caters to their every culinary need, food and water bowls, personalized ID tags and bandanas.

Several of these hotels provide pet room service menus with a selection of gourmet delights, grooming and teeth cleaning, dog beds created by a celebrity pet outfitter, an in-house vet, monogrammed doggie robes, cookies, and even videos of “Dr. Dolittle,” “Babe,” and “Lassie.”

Before your dog starts drooling for all these tempting treats, here are a few tips to follow before you make your reservation:

Call the hotel and ask if they charge any pet fees or require a deposit. Also find out if they enforce any size or weight limits.

They can also inform you about any nearby pet-friendly restaurants, dog-walking areas or parks.

Even though luxury pet friendly hotels will shower your dog with goodies, bring familiar toys, treats and foods.

A portable kennel may also help your pup feel more sheltered and safe in unfamiliar surroundings. Remember to bring any medications your dog takes, as well.

Don’t leave your dog alone in the hotel room, and keep him or her on a leash outside the room.

Clean up after your dog, or you may be charged for damages.

Dogs are creatures of habit, so be sure to stick as closely as possible to your pet’s usual sleeping, feeding, walking and playing schedule.

Before your trip, find out if the hotel provides a temporary ID tag including their name and phone number. If not, bring temporary tags with information regarding where you can be contacted while you’re on vacation.

Now you’re ready for your escape to your choice of luxury pet friendly hotels, where your dog will be pampered enough to feel like the leader of the pack.

Wendy Pan is an accomplished niche website developer and author.


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