PET FRIENDLY HOTELS Vacationing in California Style

When traveling with your pets, one of the most difficult things to work out logistically is where you are going to stay that is going to be as happy that your fur baby is staying with them as they are that you are staying with them.

Pet friendly hotels in Los Angeles are on the rise, luckily, since Los Angeles is on the cusp of most movements, including the pet lover movement.

There are hotels all along the price spectrum that will welcome your pet with open arms, but it’s a little difficult to find them if you don’t know where to look.

One good place to start is with travel wholesaling sites that allow you to search via criteria – you can tick off what amenities are critical to you. You can choose “Pet Friendly” and then only hotels which welcome pets will be shown in your search results.

However, no one’s database is foolproof, so you should always check with the individual hotel before booking to make sure that Rover or Princess will be a valued guest.

One of the most affordable chains to be in the category of not only pet friendly, but pet loving, is Motel 6. In fact, they advertise themselves as the lowest priced national chain.

I have stayed at several different branches on several different occasions with my dog, and we have had universally positive experiences.

On the other end of the cost – and luxury – scale is the W in Westwood. If you can afford to spend approximately ten times what it will cost you to stay in Motel 6, then you and your fluffy buddy can stay in the lap of luxury in one of the poshest neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

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