Poodle Facts

The Poodle is a highly respected breed of dog. They are quite intelligent and some people describe them as being almost human. They are very easy to train and they are very loyal and loving and make wonderful companions. Many owners have remarked just how much happiness their poodles have given them.

There is a lot of information available on this lovable and adorable breed. It has been a joy to present the information on topics that would be of interest others. We will be adding new material on an ongoing basis so please make a point to bookmark this website and check back regularly for the materials we have included.

This website has been designed to provide you with information on many interesting topics. Some, but not all, of these resources are listed below:

Poodle Facts Introduction

Here you will find a history of the breed and the roles they have played over the centuries. Did you know that they were once employed as war dogs? You will find out why they have always been so highly regarded by their owners.

Poodle Facts – What to know before buying

You will find helpful information on what type would be most suitable for you – standard, miniature or toy. You are provided with information what to take into consideration when making a purchase.

Poodle Facts – Care

Your poodle will give you many, many hours of company and love if you take good care of him. This section covers the matters that are needed to keep him healthy.

Without training your beautiful dog will not make a very good pet. With training he will be a joy to own. They learn quickly. They want to please their masters and you will enjoy training him.

Poodle Facts – Grooming

Grooming is an important item. We will be providing many tips and tricks for grooming in this section. You can either groom them yourself or send him/her to a professional groomer. If you are planning to enter dog shows you will need to have your dog professionally groomed.

Poodle Facts – All About Breeders

The poodle you get is the result of it’s breeding. You need to know about good breeders and bad breeders and how choose a good breeder.

Poodle Facts – Find the Best Supplies

In this section you will find suppliers of items such as food, baskets to sleep in, collars, toys. We will be discussing these items and will be posting reviews along with the best choices to help you shop.

Poodle Facts – Travel

This breed dearly loves to travel. Take him/her with you on your journeys. We provide information about how to travel with your dog to make it an enjoyable experience for both of you.

Poodle Facts – Types and breeds of Poodles

Here we will go into details about the many types of Poodles. The Tiny Teacup, the Miniature and the Standard. They each have their own characteristics and traits. It is important to understand this to know which best suits your lifestyle.

If you can’t find a local breeder in your area don’t worry, many breeders are using the major airlines like American, Delta, Continental and Northwest airlines for shipping their puppies.
At this time the airlines will ship puppies to the following States: Alabama AL – Alaska AK – Arizona AZ – Arkansas AR – California CA – Colorado CO – Connecticut CT – Delaware DE – Florida FL – Georgia GA – Hawaii HI – Idaho ID – Illinois IL – Indiana IN – Iowa IA – Kansas KS – Kentucky KY – Louisiana LA – Maine ME – Maryland MD – Massachusetts MA – Michigan MI – Minnesota MN – Mississippi MS – Missouri MO – Montana MT – Nebraska NE – Nevada NV – New Hampshire NH – New Jersey NJ – New Mexico NM – New York NY – North Carolina NC – North Dakota ND – Ohio OH – Oklahoma OK – Oregon OR – Pennsylvania PA – Rhode Island RI – South Carolina SC – South Dakota SD – Tennessee TN – Texas TX – Utah UT – Vermont VT – Virginia VA – Washington WA – Washington, D.C. – West Virginia WV – Wisconsin WI – Wyoming WY – Hawaii HI.

Poodle Facts


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