Poogle Dog Breed Information and Facts

The Poogle is a mix of beautiful Beagle and proud Poodle. Some people may also call them a Beaglepoo, Beagledoodle, or even a Beapoo. This friendly pup is a newer breed of dog that combines the intelligence of a Poodle with the curiosity of a Beagle. With their soft fur and big, dark eyes you’ll soon fall in love with Poogles. The Poogle is not just an imaginary combination of two popular breeds – it is a real hybrid breed that is increasing in popularity.

History of the Poogle

The Poogle was developed as an interesting mixture of a Beagle and a Poodle. It has existed in different forms since the 1940s, but it really took off in the 1990s when it was produced by a small group of individuals with a passion for these two breeds. As they continued breeding they continued to evolve the look of the Poogle so that it matched the coloration and build of the Beagle. Since the 1970s Beagle and Poodle crosses have been popular with dog owners as they provide a small dog that has the energy and personality of a small Beagle. The Beagle has historically been bred to be a very large and very confident dog that often leads a happy, relaxed life. Poodles are another large, happy dog that just want to get close to you and love you.

Description of the Poogle

The Poogle’s handsome face has both rough-and-tumble Beagle and proud Poodle features. Beagle ears and a beagle muzzle that sprout a little fang. A nose that is short with a long upturned snout and a deep cleft between the eyes. Poodle legs and tail, fluffy but sturdy body, and rounded coat with no facial dapples. Characteristics of the Poogle Chihuahua-sized, roughly 5 to 5 1/2 inches long (115–125 g) Achieves top speed of 30 mph (48 km/h). Able to bark (with a soft bark or a harsh bark), a habit often misunderstood as a complaint. The Poogle has good reflexes and can stay active for extended periods. However, the Poogle’s stamina often disappoints. Juvenile Poogle The Poogle has a strong bond to its owner and enjoys a close relationship.

Personality of the Poogle

The most obvious difference between a Poodle and Beagle is size. The Poogle is slightly larger than a Beagle with a length ranging from 41″ to 48″ and a weight from 12 to 18 lbs. Though the Poogle is bigger than a Poodle, the characteristics that define the Poogle are traits that can be found in both breeds. Most Poodles have a happy, joyful nature. They enjoy being around people and they love attention. They are well socialized and will bring out their inner-child when meeting new people. While Beagles are very energetic and outgoing, they also love to be in the presence of other dogs. They are also gentle and know how to approach a new dog or a cat without getting too close. These traits are what makes the Poogle so loving and sweet – even its bark sounds very friendly!

Temperament of the Poogle

The Poogle’s sweet disposition is one of their most charming qualities. Poogles have been known to get along with nearly every other type of dog, including other Poogle hybrids and even the old, ancient English Bulldog. Because they’re so friendly, they’re naturally friends with children and other animals. The Poogle’s soft, plush fur makes it one of the most wonderful pets that you could ever choose to have. At the same time, Poogles are not dumb. They are capable of learning new things very quickly, making them very smart and fun to have around. This is due to their heavy dose of instinctive intelligence. In most cases, this means that they are able to get what they want if they see the desired object.

Health Issues of the Poogle

Unfortunately, Poogles are at risk for several health problems. You should expect to see many common issues for Poogles, including leg/ankle infections, hemorrhoids, gingivitis, and skin disorders. Common problems that Poogles can have include: – Ingrown toenails – Abdominal infections – Nail fungus – Inflammation of the nose/throat/nosebladder – Irritation of the ear – Wrinkled eyes – Incoherent gait – Spotty coat – Ribcage deformity Poogles Don’t Like to Be Licked Being over-cleaned is not the same thing as being too clean. Being over-cleaned is not necessarily bad, and often a good thing. The Poogle should be given plenty of room to run around outside, and should be let out plenty of time to explore the world. This environment is not meant for complete restraint in any way.

Grooming Needs of the Poogle

The Poogle is not a furred baby. With many Poogles in the US and the UK being 5-6 months to a year old, they will grow quickly and become very silky with a few good bathings. Their coat is dense and perfect for play. Because the Poogle is a mix of two distinct breeds, they have a floppy poodle body with a Beagle tail. The cutest Poogles have their bodies curled in to look like a Poogle shape. Poogles have a good set of teeth and should be brushing frequently. Like many small dogs, they are prone to ear infections and should also have their nails trimmed regularly. If your Poogle is already familiar with people, they are ready to socialize, but you can leave them with their sibling or a dog friend for a short while if you don’t want to give them to strangers too soon.

Training Needs of the Poogle

Both Poodles and Beagles have a great work ethic and are quite intelligent. As they get older they usually gain more independence, but this can sometimes lead to difficulty in training them. This breed does well with positive reinforcement training. Dogs that do not get rewarded for every good behavior should be avoided. Give your poogle a lot of praise when they do something you want, for example, saying, “Good poogle,” or, “Good poogle, good!” Let them learn to try to avoid these situations and you’ll have a loyal poogle who loves you. How to Train a Poogle This breed may initially need some additional training as they get older. We suggest getting them a job first, such as a ball retriever or a therapy dog. Once they have a job to do, you can start teaching them tricks.

Exercise Needs of the Poogle

They are not very active dogs that require a lot of exercise. They are very good pets for those who are busy or live in small spaces and need a dog that can entertain itself. They love to be with their owner and if given enough attention, they are very good with children. Life Span and Growth Rates The average life span of Poogles is about ten to twelve years. They grow very fast, they reach their full height at about four to five months of age and they weigh between 9 to 12 pounds. Poogles do not really need any special care, but they need to have a well-fed, well-cared-for body. When it comes to growth rates, Poogles should not have a problem in this department because they are very smart dogs that have healthy appetites.