Pros and Cons of the Pomeranian Dog Breed

If you own a Pomeranian, you’ll no doubt agree with the fact that it’s a different experience to live, even if you had other pets in the past.

A Pomeranian naturally becomes man’s best mate but this breed is also fiercely loyal, smart, cuddly, and incredibly adorable. A Pomeranian having several traits makes it an ideal pet. Combining these, it becomes a perfect 4-legged furry member of your family. The traits of this breed may be temperamental and/or physical. It’s interesting to know that British monarch Queen Victoria is known for breeding down Poms to their modern-day size.

Pomeranian dogs are small in size with fox-like faces. They have lion-like neck ruff and a long double coat in a wide range of colors and markings. They have upright ears while having a bold and agile gait. Be sure to know that these perky, lively toy dogs love to boss around while being inquisitive, but they are also very friendly and share a good bond with their families.

Pomeranians are found in different colors, although the fox red shade is the most common and in-demand Pom color. However, there are some pros and cons to owning a Pomeranian. Prospective dog owners should look into details before considering them.

If some issues aren’t addressed at the earliest things can turn more problematic. It could go to the point of potentially leading to major regrets and even considerations about re-homing. But knowledge is power, so before going over the moon about this breed, learn more about it and make a well-informed decision.

In this write-up, let’s dive into the pros and cons of the Pomeranian breed.

Pros of the Pomeranian Dog Breed

1. Small Space

Do you live in an apartment or a small condo? The odds are you’ll look for a dog breed that is relatively small and manageable in size. The good news is Pomeranians are the best fit for you. They are usually between six and seven inches in height. Usually, they weigh between three and seven pounds. Although Pomeranians are highly adaptable and love small homes, you’ll need to ensure the breed has enough room for their playtime to utilize their energy levels, whether that’s a daily walk or a trip to the dog park.


2. Looks, Matter

One of the standout features of the Pomeranians is their captivating good looks. With a fox-like face combined with some teddy bear features, it is no surprise Pomeranians are loved by all and are popular dogs worldwide. You can have some color choices to pick from as Poms come in a wide range of colors.

3. Intelligence

It is great to have a dog who loves challenges. Poms are the best fit as they can do so well in many dog sports. All dog breeds adopt a different style of learning, and Pomeranians love to be trained with new tricks, and the good part is they pick things up quickly. Despite their small size, Pomeranians do not hesitate to confront other dogs that are much bigger. This breed does not know to back down.


4. Family Dog

Pomeranians fit into families easily as they can make great family dogs and can easily be taught to behave and live peacefully with children and other pets. But, make sure you do not leave young children and dogs alone or unattended.

Cons of the Pomeranian Dog Breed


1. Poop Training Problems

Poms may bring some extra challenges to the potty training department. The biggest problem is that they are so low, it is not a big issue for them to slide behind a couch or table to do poop. You might find small puddles after hours or even days as they went unnoticed because you were not attentive. Dirty areas make your home smelly and you won’t like it at all.


2. Coat Care

The Pom’s glorious rich coat comes with some effort to maintain. You have to take some extra time out for coat care if you wish to avoid seeing fur glued to mats. It is essential to minimize shedding with Poms, which can be particularly heavy at a certain time of the year. Occasional trimming may be waiting, but only if the groomer or vet recommends it.

3. Health Issues

Pomeranians are prone to heaps of health conditions. When purchasing a pomeranian, we recommend you to get them checked and make sure you discuss the health of the bloodline with the breeder. Be alarmed if the breeder gives vague answers or tries to avoid questions as this could be a red flag to look. It is a good idea to meet your pup’s parents or ask for recent photos. Some common health problems to look for with Pomeranians are heart problems, loss of coat, seizures, tracheal collapse, hip dysplasia, and luxating patellas. They are also likely to develop cataracts.


4. Barking Problem

Pomeranians are known for their barking. Some might find it funny, many find it irritating during the bad times. Since they are full of energy, they utilize it everywhere even barking. For example, if they are barking at squirrels, cats, other dogs, or even people walking past your home, sometimes they’ll bark at the owner and family members if they become too excited.

Conclusion: This article gives you a clear understanding of Pomeranian pros and cons and what it might be like if you owned one. Whether you currently have one or more, or you’re planning to buy, you will surely appreciate their unique qualities that no other breed has. These Pomeranian pros and cons can help you decide whether you would like to include them in your family or not. Their foxy personalities and ultimate levels of being adorable with high energy spirit make them a tempting dog breed, but this breed might not be right for all. They are highly vocal about their emotions and maybe that’s why they love to bark most of the time. You are requested to consider each point before making your final decision.