Pugapoo Dog Personality, Health Issues, Grooming, History and Much More

The Pugapoo is not a purebred dog. It is a cross between the Pug and the Poodle. The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know you can get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed. Not all of these designer hybrid dogs being bred are 50% purebred to 50% purebred. The Pugapoo is a cross between and Pug and a Poodle, one of the most intelligent dog breeds, so it is a fairly smart dog. These dogs tend to be highly receptive to new people and places during the first few months of life so expose them to as many new things as you can. This breed responds well to training and generally does well with positive reinforcement.

History of the Pugapoo

Appearance and Colors The Pugapoo can come in any one of the colors of the Poodle, whether that be gray, white, or chocolate. This breed tends to be smaller than the Pug and Poodle so they should be on a short leash and be very easy to manage in the dog park and at home. The average weight of the Pugapoo is about 40 lbs. The eyes are brown, the skin is either white, chocolate, or black. The ears are floppy. The coat is short with a soft undercoat that gets softer and shorter in warmer weather.

Description of the Pugapoo

Head – Pug Lower Lip – Poodle Temperament – Inquisitive, calm, intelligent Weight – 8-20 pounds Hair – Poodle (in flowing layers) Chest – Poodle (in folded layers) Keen to be with humans and owners Hobbies – walking and being part of the pack Pugapoos are beautiful, and very loving dogs, so they will fit into most any home. They will do best with owners who are as energetic as they are. Because of their intelligence and dominant personalities they are best off with a home with another dog, or more than one dog. They would also be happy living in a home with older children and/or other dogs. Pugapoo Dog Risks and Benefits Breeding for looks and performance, when the outcome is known at the time of breeding, can sometimes lead to problems.

Personality of the Pugapoo

The Pugapoo is outgoing, playful, and active. The breed tends to be less picky than some other breeds when it comes to physical exercise, but should be kept in shape through regular activity. Their movement can be controlled with a harness or lunge line as they tend to pull on leashes and do better with a loose lead. They also tend to have an inflated opinion of themselves, leading owners to constantly tell them they are wonderful in an attempt to avoid confrontation. The Pugapoo tends to be strong-willed and confident, but will submit to discipline when it is necessary. This dog may not like to be touched unless it is their idea. It may be slow to forgive their own bad behavior when corrected, but will be quick to apologize.

Temperament of the Pugapoo

At any given time this breed is fairly gentle. They are not jumpers and will generally not go after any type of toy or food item. They are fine with other dogs who don’t try to attack them. They tend to go for a high-pitched voice tone that seems to catch their attention. The combination of both ears may be carried up or down, but the ears tend to curl at the tips which can be a danger, especially if they are going after something that someone is holding, like a treat. They are great off-leash about 95% of the time. They get excited easily but will recover quickly and will even start barking in excitement and then immediately start running towards the noise. Diet of the Pugapoo This is an energetic breed and will eat just about anything except meat.

Health Issues of the Pugapoo

These dogs need to be cleaned up regularly and kept from ingesting any nasty substances. Pugapoos are smart and can be destructive, so they need a lot of attention and motivation to do their own housework. Some owners advise feeding these dogs with the same food that the owner eats, which can be healthy and make your food go farther. Do not feed these dogs cooked food unless you have to as they can ingest pieces of plastic, metal and other harmful materials. This makes many of the dogs potentially dangerous to their handlers. Small amounts of dogs should not be taken on long trips as they tend to have digestive problems. Very young puppies and older dogs have been known to have intestinal blockages. Breeders do not vaccinate their dogs for distemper and parvo.

Grooming Needs of the Pugapoo

The grooming of the Pugapoo varies depending on the color of the puppy. Unless you are experienced with the grooming of the breed, you need to brush your puppy every day and give them a bath every other day at the very least. The best way to take care of your Pugapoo is to clip their nails yourself. It takes the energy out of grooming them if you clip their nails because you won’t have to worry about fighting with them. They also need to be brushed out when they are brushed. As their coat gets longer, they need to be brushed every 2-3 weeks. They do not need a bath every other day. Most Pugapoos can be bathed in a bath tub. That’s because they are very clean dogs and do not need a bath very often. Most Pugapoos do well with grooming so you may want to groom them yourself.

Training Needs of the Pugapoo

These dogs have a happy disposition that is great for everyone and can do just about anything a typical dog can do. If you are a stay at home parent and have lots of people to take care of, the Pugapoo is probably a better choice than a larger dog. Your apartment or home is a great place to train your new dog as a companion for you and your family. The Pugapoo has an average height of about 38-40 inches, although they can grow to a height of 60 inches. The pug has an average weight of 17-20 pounds and the poodle has an average weight of 13-17 pounds. This means that you can still take your Pugapoo for walks with a 55 lb dog on a leash and they won’t feel uncomfortable. You can even teach them how to pull the leash. The Pugapoo is pretty good at obedience training.

Exercise Needs of the Pugapoo

Pugs are generally people-oriented and easy to train. They are great at training themselves, but you will need to train them. They love to learn and enjoy training and being out in the yard. However, they are not always the most fond of people walking past the house when they are out. Poodles are great around kids and they can start being good with them by about 7 weeks of age. This will help keep kids from hurting them. If they don’t like to be around kids, teach them that they are not allowed to pick them up. An older dog can get along well with small children and they are great with them. This is because they have not been exposed to too many other people or strange environments. The Pugapoo has a very similar activity level to a Pug and is a good running, playing, and romping dog.

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