Shepadoodle Dog Breed Information and Facts

The Shepadoodle is one of these perfect hybrid pups and you can probably even guess its parentage purely from the name. Shepadoodles are a designer dog that has been bred to incorporate the intelligence of the German Shepherd with the non-shedding (and additional intelligence) of a Standard Poodle. As with many hybrid dogs, lineage may be skewed if one or both of the parents is not a pure bred. The Shepadoodle dog breed is a medium to large-sized, hypoallergenic hybrid that is a combination of the German Shepherd and the Poodle. This stupendous, happy-go-lucky breed.

History of the Shepadoodle

Shepadoodles were born in 2000, and the Shepadoodle society was founded to help promote the new breed. “I wanted to bring a new, interesting breed to the family.” said Ivey. That family was the Lively Life Dog Training and Obedience Training Center. For their first book, the Shepadoodle Dog Breed, they partnered up with Philadelphia Vets Hospital and a Shepadoodle breeding program. The Shepadoodle Dog Breed is recognized and regulated in several states and in the United Kingdom. Many famous celebrities have also taken this new breed as their pup. Shepadoodle History The Shepadoodle’s other parentage can be traced all the way back to 1955. The Shepadoodle was discovered in a litter of eight puppies by a co-worker of Ivey’s, Lucy Rose Cuddy.

Description of the Shepadoodle

Shepadoodles are typically tall at about 27 inches and slightly lean. They are well-muscled and have gentle, soft faces. They have plenty of energy and will usually want to run and explore new things. They are also smart and determined. They are fun to have and will warm up quickly to their new owner. Shepadoodles make very loving and loyal pets. German Shepherd Family Tree The Shepadoodle will probably have a variation of other breeds in it’s ancestry. The ones that might be the most likely to be in the dog’s bloodlines are the German Shepherd, the Beagle, the Labrador Retriever, and the Golden Retriever. The Shepadoodle was developed by retired German Shepherd breeder Pat Earls in New Jersey.

Personality of the Shepadoodle

Quite a lot of the personality of this breed comes from the nature of the German Shepherd. While the standard breds will listen to their owner in a way not many other dogs can, Shepadoodles are the dogs that do their homework and know their name. They also have an immense amount of energy and can entertain themselves for hours without a single care in the world. Although they may not be the smartest dogs, they will always do what they’re told and are extremely loyal dogs. Shepadoodles are also intelligent dogs and will learn how to do things like turn a light switch on, feed themselves, and go outside without anyone having to teach them. So basically they make the perfect family dog!

Temperament of the Shepadoodle

The Shepadoodle is a very friendly, good natured dog with a lot of character. It is a very playful pup, and likes to romp around in its puppy-hood. This energetic dog loves to romp around with his canine family and be a part of whatever their activities are. Being a highly intelligent breed, the Shepadoodle is alert and watchful of what is going on around it, and will always want to join in on whatever is happening around it. It’s also a very good and adaptable dog that has proven itself as a very good companion. Its really important for these pure bred mixes to get to know their new family member before they become a household pet. Although they are very playful, they are very friendly and easy going with their new owners, and do not easily give up their playful streak.

Health Issues of the Shepadoodle

Shepadoodles are exceptionally healthy and love life. There are no known health issues and a lot of breeds are prone to certain health conditions. Shepadoodles will run with their beloved human and will be safe in the event of an accident. If a vet were to take a look at one, they would deem it fit to live on in to the next generation. As this breed is known to be hypoallergenic, it is not very prone to allergies as well. The poodle and the German Shepherd are both known to have an ‘exotic short coat’ so if you are allergic to that, this is the one for you! Some Shepadoodles Are Right for Pet Owners The Shepadoodle is known to have a lot of personality and is very sweet. They are also very outgoing and love attention. They are prone to cuddling and generally happy pups.

Grooming Needs of the Shepadoodle

This special little pooch has a coat that will stay shiny even if it’s hot and that never has to be washed. Shepadoodles shed quite a lot because of their fine coat, but since they also shed fur, they need a good hair dryer and brush to keep them looking their best. What Are the Brains of the Shepadoodle? Shepadoodles are intelligent and well mannered dogs. Their very funny and outgoing nature is well-suited to their owner because they will not nip and they love to play with all kinds of toys. Herds are something that they are not fans of, they like to be your one and only pet. How to Adopt the Shepadoodle Dog Breed? Shepadoodles have been bred for companionship and are very easy to take care of. The dogs are very good at listening to their owner.

Training Needs of the Shepadoodle

Because Shepadoodles are dual-purpose dogs, they are especially trainable and can be used for various family members and for companionship. Many Shepadoodles thrive as protection dogs, and like any good protection dog, the Shepadoodle should be always on alert and ready to react. Shepadoodles also make a great family pet, as most Shepadoodles enjoy attention and stimulation. Many Shepadoodles also enjoy walks or play with children, making them excellent for the whole family. The Shepadoodle is an intelligent breed with many wonderful traits, which makes it a wonderful addition to any family. Shepadoodles are still working on developing their coat, so owners can expect a few white hairs to show up in their pups!

Exercise Needs of the Shepadoodle

They love it when they are outdoors, but they don’t want to be stuck in the backyard. The Shepadoodle can travel inside with a family and enjoy the comfort of the living room couch and even get a spot on the couch! Cute and gentle, this Poodle/Shepherd mix is one of the best pups for the home! If you want a sweet puppy but also one that will quickly develop into a loyal dog, the Shepadoodle is the puppy for you. You’ll love it just as much as your friends and family will, even when you go on all-inclusive vacations or take your dog to the vet.

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