Short Haired English Pointer

Description: The English Pointer is also called the Pointer and is a hunting dog that has a lot of power.

The head is long and the muzzle matches this in length. The muzzle on the English Pointer is deep and the nose is black or brown in color, on the dog with a darker coat, and is lighter or flesh color on the lighter colored coats. The teeth meet in a scissor or level bite.

The ears hang down and are slightly pointed at the tip of the ear. The eyes are set wide and are oval in shape. The neck is long and the front legs are straight.

The tail is thick at the root and then tappers to a point and is held high when the dog is pointing. The coat is short, smooth, but thick.

The weight of the dog is 44-66 pounds this is the same with the bitch.

The height is 22-24 inches in the dog and the bitch is 21-24 inches.

Coat colors are; white and liver, black and or orange markings this can be solid, speckled or patched, lemon and there is a tri-color. Life expectancy is 13-14 years.

History: This breed came from England and the first talked about in 1650. The English Pointer was made by crossing the Italian Pointer, Bloodhound, Greyhound, Setter, Foxhound, Bulldog and the Newfoundland.

The early role for this dog was to find hare for the Greyhounds to hunt, and here is where you see the stand as the dog stays very still when he spots the game, so still they look like a statue pointing.

By 1700 the English Pointer was a very popular hunting dog as they could scent and point for the hunter. They are agile and can cover a lot of ground and they could be used to flush out the birds for the hunters.

This dog is not a water dog and they do not do retrieval. They where first recognized by the AKC in 1884. They are still used today as a hunting dog but are also happy as a pet although they have lots of energy.

Temperament: The English Pointer is without doubt a very high energy dog and so will need a home that is also able to meet this high energy with things to do, all the time.

This is a good dog for an active family that like to jog and walk for miles daily. As this dog is intelligent you will need to work their keen minds as well. In return you have a dog that is loyal and will be friendly and just loves to play with children.

Socialize this dog well as they can be shy around strangers and show great leadership to help the dog not be over timid. The English Pointer breed really needs to use their energy on a daily basis, to not get highly strung, neurotic and destructive.

They need an owner that is like minded in as much as has the energy to match theirs and is strong minded to meet the needs of this dog. They can be willful if they feel a weak owner.

They normally get on well with other dogs and are not aggressive. It has to be stressed that they need daily vigorous exercise.

Health issues: The English Pointer is prone to hip dysplasia, dwarfism, skin problems and thyroid problems.

Grooming: The English Pointer is easy care and will only need to be brushed over weekly to remove dead hair. To get the coat to shine rub down with a chamois.

Living conditions: The English Pointer is not suitable for apartment living. They will require a garden of medium size.