Shorty Bull Dog Breed Information and Facts

The shorty bull is alert, agile, curious and watchful and would usually alarm the family of a stranger or an unusual noise. They are well-behaved dogs with an even temper and are naturally happy with a fondness of its family. The Shorty Bull was created as a novelty in the collection of established domestic dog breeds. This breed wasn’t bred to pull carts, catch bulls, herd sheep or retrieve. Shorty bull is another newly found, in-growth breed. Jamie Sweet and Amy Krogman from the United States are the proud parents of this breed.

History of the Shorty Bull

Mr. Abigail J. Ellis in a letter dated April 14, 1872, stated: “In keeping with our New Era views on the improvement of the Husky, the meek dog, we have named this breed the Shorty Bull. It is a very useful breed. A dog of the Shorty Bull type gives us pleasure. It always walks well and carries a good look. It can take instruction and does not give too much trouble. The Dog and its Owner They are lively, intelligent, and easy to train. They give us a clean impression. They do not misbehave in the house and are not troublesome in carrying their harnesses. There is not the slightest tendency to nip or snap. They are ever eager to do what you want them to do. They are clean, friendly and friendly with all other animals. They are so quiet that no one can hear them.

Description of the Shorty Bull

Height: 32 to 42 inches (82.5 to 109 cm) Weight: 12 to 15 lbs. (5.4 to 6.1 kg) Coloration: Dogs are mostly white with dark gray markings on their chest, shoulders, muzzle and paws. While the gray markings on the muzzle and paws fade as they grow, the face and paws of the long-haired Shorty Bull is permanent. Similar Dog Breeds The Shorty Bull is also related to the Australian cattle dog, Border collie, Jack Russell Terrier, Bull mastiff, Blue Heeler, Havanese, Brussels griffon and Lhasa Apso. Famous Shorty Bull Breeders The pair have officially registered their German shorty bull as one of the contenders for World’s Ugliest Dog competition. As the contestants of this contest can get an entry in the Westminster Dog Show it will be quite an honor for their dog.

Personality of the Shorty Bull

The breed is born alert, curious and watchful. They are naturally happy with a fondness of its family. The shorty bull is shy around strangers, but no other type of dog seems to bother them. It is good with children. Size and Weight of the Shorty Bull The length of the shorty bull is 90 to 110 cm and its weight is 15-20 kg. The good thing about this dog breed is that it is sure to make its owner smile. Brindle in color is one of the striking feature of this breed. The hair of shorty bull is usually dark reddish brown, but it could be lighter in color. Diet and Life of the Shorty Bull Consistent daily feeding regime should be included in a shorty bull’s feeding plan and the food that is fed is also important. The diet should consist of meat and vegetables.

Temperament of the Shorty Bull

The shorty bull has a friendly nature and if it is not taken into the habit of certain dogs actions, they are usually quite loyal to their family. They are not keen on strangers and are not shy or antisocial. The breed has an even temperament and can be used as a guard dog and are good with children. If they are left with their family and given space to grow, they may easily become the equivalent of a loving Labrador. Shorty bull is a playful breed and also loves to play and be around with other dogs. Like all domestic dogs, Shorty bull have a strong instinctive protective instinct but are able to show aggression only when the situation becomes dangerous and they feel threatened or defenceless. Shorty Bull Breeds available Shorty bull is not a healthy breed.

Health Issues of the Shorty Bull

The shorty bull is not a high energy breed and would do well in family life. It would thrive on lots of attention, so is likely to get bored easily. The shorty bull requires less exercise than other breeds, but that does not mean it is an indoor dog. Shorty bull can tolerate the extreme heat and is extremely protective against large dogs. Advantages and Disadvantages of the Shorty Bull Advantages: Interesting breed with personality that is consistent, and not easily bored. They are agile and flexible to learn the most athletic moves. They are very obedient and are very hard workers. They can walk on a leash at a brisk pace. They are affectionate with their owners. Shorty bulls have a good average life expectancy.

Grooming Needs of the Shorty Bull

For Shorty Bull we recommend: praise and feed – occasional games – direct physical contact – one time friendly interaction Temperament Requirements Aggression Low energy level Easy housetraining Low shedding No breeds known to the World No vigorous guarding Low energy level Easily housebroken Low shedding No males known to the World Range of Color and Hairstyle Whites Blacks Brown Whites Blacks Total Length: 10-11 inches Total Length: 10-11 inches Breeding Only naturally occurring bull-type dog breed, shorty bull-type dogs are limited to populations in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. Genetics of the breed are imported from New Zealand (blue) and UK (grey) for sport. Evaluation Shorty Bull Test: The test is usually done by breeders and breed clubs.

Training Needs of the Shorty Bull

It has great concentration to do things of its life. This breed can be petted easily. It is agile and has good hearing power. It has great ability to explore the room and finds quick way to the waste bin. A Shorty Bull should be kept indoors and should be exercised regularly. It is recommended that it be trained by a professional. It must be fed raw foods, when it goes for a walk, the pet must get a lot of exercise for good exercise. However, if this breed becomes independent, and is taken out, it can easily escape from the backyard, the owner should keep a close eye on this dog.

Exercise Needs of the Shorty Bull

Shorty Bull is an agile, lively, very active breed that needs an exercise program to stay fit and in shape. The main exercise that would help is play at the dog park. The breed comes from natural and wonderful environment in the United States. So, why not taking your pet to the park? Shorty bull is a lively, athletic, competitive and friendly breed, which loves its family. With its whole family supporting the dog at the same time, a great joy of dog training! Health Requirements of the Shorty Bull Before owning this breed, the owner should have a background of owning dogs with short snout. The health requirements of the shorty bull are the same as any other breed.

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