Simple To Follow Instructions for Grooming and Bathing Your Maltese

The process of grooming your Maltese isn’t difficult, However, they require regularly grooming. A Maltese needs daily brushing to avoid matting hair.

A dog that is active may require longer time to groom each day in order to get rid of dirt and dust from their hair, as this could cause the hair to mat. A Maltese is also required to have their eyes cleaned every day to prevent tear staining from their clean coat.


When you bathe your Maltese combing his hair to eliminate knots or dead hair. After brushing the hair, wash his ears and place a small cotton ball in the ear to stop water from entering the ear canal. This could cause the ear to become infected.

Make sure that all your equipment is in place and ready prior to putting your dog into the water. It should have a warm temperature but not too hot and the dogs are prone to colds, so stay clear of the water that is cold.

Rinsing and washing

Bathe your dog in an area with the water being shallow or under a sink fitted with an hose sprayer. Make sure to thoroughly soak the dog and apply a high-quality shampoo that’s tear-free (baby shampoo is ideal).

Beginning with the top of his head, move to the back, slathering the dog in shampoo while you move from place to an area. Cleanse the legs and under the tail the last time.

Rinse the coat thoroughly to get rid of all shampoo, follow up with the washing. Rinse the coat a second time and pay eye on his face and make sure that you get rid of all the shampoo.

Make use of a washcloth to clean his face, paying particular attention to the area around the eyes to wash away the tear stains. Make sure all shampoo is rinsed off in order to avoid irritation for the dog.


Once the shampoo has been completely rinsed off the coat of your dog apply conditioner and work it into the coat. Leave-in conditioner is advised as it will keep hair from clumping between baths. Take all of the water that is left in his coat. With a large towel, dry the area behind his ears, his tail, and the legs.

Once the dog is dried with a towel and his coat is damp, you can blow dry your hair. Utilize a blow dryer that has the lowest setting to prevent burning your skin.

When drying, make sure to keep the blow dryer moving, as when it is kept in the same place it could cause burns to the skin. When the hair is dry then use a comb to take knots out of bathing, and then use a brush to shine the coat.

Brushing your Maltese by brushing him regularly will prevent his coat from becoming knotted as well as keep the coat shiny , and also help get rid of any loose and dead hair.

The best way to bathe your Maltese once a week at the very least, because too much bathing can dry out his skin and hair and cause irritation.