Spitz Dog Breed Information and Facts

The Spitz is one of the oldest dog breeds. The Spitz is a small, agile dog breed that was used as a working dog and to hunt boar and bear. Today the Spitz is a popular companion dog. The Spitz is a highly trainable, intelligent and affectionate breed of dog. As pets, the Spitz has a reputation for being playful, energetic, and very friendly. The Spitz is a happy-go-lucky dog breed that requires a lot of exercise. The Spitz is a very active dog and loves to chase a ball or retrieve a toy. The Spitz needs plenty of attention and should be accompanied by an active owner who can provide plenty of exercise time.

Spitz Dog Breed Information

Size: Size of the Spitz is between 38 to 45 inches (94 to 116 cm) Weight: The average weight of a Spitz is between 8.5 and 12 pounds (3.4 to 5.5 kg). Sex: Female: 73.1% Male: 28.9% Black and White Spitz To keep with its name the Black and White Spitz have a black and white coat. To keep with its name the Black and White Spitz have a black and white coat. Age: The Spitz will be a young adult dog for the first three years of its life. The Spitz will be a young adult dog for the first three years of its life. Color: In color the Black and White Spitz are distinguishable by black and white markings. In color the Black and White Spitz are distinguishable by black and white markings. Diet: The Black and White Spitz should have an easy to digest and nutritious diet.

What Kind of Temperament Does The Spitz Dog Have?

The Spitz is a very affectionate, friendly and spirited dog. The Spitz is a canine that loves other dogs and children. The Spitz is very playful and enjoys chasing toys. The Spitz is a very social dog breed. They are confident, fun loving dogs that enjoy being with their people. As a companion dog, the Spitz is a loyal and loving friend and is a gentle companion. The Spitz is very trainable and will learn a lot in just a few weeks. The Spitz can be an all-around dog. The Spitz is very smart and has many tricks. The Spitz can be difficult to house train but when you have dedicated your time and patience, they can be house trained and can be completely housebroken. The Spitz is also loyal and devoted, and will remain loyal to the people that own him or her.

What Should I Feed My Spitz Dog?

The Spitz is a natural prey dog so it needs a high protein diet with plenty of good quality fats, vegetables, and small amounts of lean meats. The diet should be carefully planned and fed daily. The size of the dog can influence the diet to some extent and so larger dogs will need more. It is best to choose a breed-specific food that is low in saturated fat and free of hormones, antibiotics and antibiotics and steroids. There are many delicious dog food recipes out there but if you want the best for your Spitz dog, then you should look for these brands: Golden Paws Dog Food Health is the main goal for many pet owners and a good diet is a vital part of your pet’s care. Pet owners will pay a lot of attention to their dog’s diet as well as their health if they have concerns.

How Much Grooming Does The Spitz Dog Need?

Grooming is very important for every dog and the Spitz is no exception. It is a true pocket-sized dog so if your Spitz is not groomed enough, he might look scraggly and uneven. Some breeders recommend cutting the hair on their Spitz in a special way. By using scissors or clippers, groomers or professional dog groomers clip each of the ears, the tail and the back of the Spitz. All Spitz that have been subjected to these grooming treatments look far healthier. The Spitz’s natural coat is made up of soft short and long hair. Some common misconceptions about the Spitz dog’s coat is that he is a wiry dog, while some people think that his natural coat is coarse. The coat of the Spitz dog can be medium to long, and although it can be red in color, it can also be any color.

Is The Spitz Dog Easy To Train?

Well, yes. The Spitz is an intelligent breed of dog that is easy to train. It loves to play and wants to please its owner. If you can introduce the Spitz to toys, training games and challenges, he is sure to learn and enjoy the challenge. Is The Spitz Good For Pups? Yes, the Spitz dog is a good dog for all puppies. The Spitz dog is very energetic and will provide its owners with plenty of exercise and playtime. The Spitz is an ideal dog for puppies of all ages. What Kind Of Health Problems Is The Spitz Dog Likely To Have? The Spitz is a healthy and popular breed that can have a number of health problems such as a urinary tract infection or intestinal blockage. The Spitz Dog is also susceptible to respiratory problems and could develop allergies.

What Health Issues Does The Spitz Dog Have?

It is very important to be aware of the health issues that your Spitz dog may have. Some health issues that you need to be aware of are: Lymphoma Weimaraner – the most common lymphoma in the world Gastric cancer Organic laryngeal teratoma Radionuclide scanning is a non-invasive, painless and safe way to detect these diseases. Common Foods That Harm The Spitz Dog Foods that you need to avoid feeding your Spitz dog are: Rawhide and other bones Salt Acidic food Hard food Sodium nitrite Carbohydrates Pastured eggs Cooking oil Green or red meat Chocolate Diets high in protein and low in carbohydrates The MOST IMPORTANT DOG ASSISTANT Be aware of your dog’s personality and encourage her to be an active family member. Never force your dog to socialize.

What Is The History of The Spitz Dog?

The Spitz has been in existence for over 2,000 years. The breed was initially bred as an aboriginal hunting dog. The first recorded appearance of the Spitz dog was in 6th century Egypt. The Spitz was bred in order to hunt boar, fox, and bear. The Spitz dog was one of the earliest breeds of dogs that were used in the hunting of wild animals. Over time the Spitz became a favourite companion dog and people began to use them as hunting dogs. At the end of the 16th century the first breed of Spitz dogs were created. The Spitz dog was seen in Great Britain at that time. The Spitz had a short life span which was determined by the habits of the animals they hunted. The Spitz dog was considered a living fossil because it lived through most of the centuries between the 17th and 21st centuries.

What Is The Breed Standard of The Spitz Dog?

The average Spitz weighs between 10 and 15 pounds. The height ranges between 14 inches to 15 inches. The coat of a Spitz dog is yellow or brown and wiry. It has thick hair that grows on the ears, nose and face, around the muzzle, and around the tail. It is a docked tail Spitz and not a natural tail. The color varies from chestnut, brindle, chocolate and seal-white. The color changes as the dog gets older. A Spitz cannot be solid black or yellow. The eyes of the Spitz are very large and rounded, similar to those of a German shepherd. The ears of the Spitz are pointy, curly or straigh, and pointy. The nose of the Spitz is erect, short and bushy, with an uneven surface. The ears, forehead and body are black or chestnut, while the tail is docked.