Information About the Teacup Finnish Spitz

Are you looking for information about the Teacup Finnish Spitz? The term teacup is one of the worst words to describe the size of a dog or puppy. We all know how small a tcup is, typically these cups hold about 8 ounces of water. That’s just not a realistic measurement for any dog breed.

This article will give you lots of information about the Finnish Spitz dog breed. In your search for a Tea Cup size dog or puppy please remember that the best you can possibly hope to find is a pet that is smaller than average.

There are many factors that come into play with the miniature breeds such as parents size, current size and siblings sizes.

Please never purchase a new pet based on size alone. Smaller teacup size breeds can be easier to take care of but they can also have more health issues.

The balanced, squarely symmetrical Finnish Spitz will stand not more than 20 inches at the shoulder and are easily recognized by their foxy face and prick ears projecting a lively expression. It is a “bark pointer”, indicating the position of game by barking, and drawing the game animal’s attention to itself, allowing an easier approach for the hunter.

The Finnish Spitz originated from ancestral northern spitz dogs that accompanied early Finno-Ugrian tribes as they journeyed across Eurasia to Finland. These dogs probably originated as camp followers and watchdogs, later developing into hunting dogs. Finnish Spitz are extremely vocal dogs, quick to sound the alarm at every new sight and sound.

Finnish Spitz Dog Breed Information

Finnish Spitz dogs can be prone to many eye problems that need to be evaluated. At the same time, they are very intelligent, very gentle, and extremely loyal companions. The popularity of the breed has grown greatly in the last 10-15 years. They make good family dogs and excellent house dogs. Some even live well outdoors, especially if there are fences. Most Finnspitz have a jet black coat that is generally with a white stripe along the spine, the tail being black with a white tip, and often a nose strip, with a white neck patch. The Finnspitz is a low-to-medium energy dog and can be an excellent match for owners who wish to live a healthy, active lifestyle, and they are capable of raising and hunting animals. The Finnspitz is a very trainable breed, and easy to begin the basic training.

What Kind of Temperament Does The Finnish Spitz Dog Have?

The Finnish Spitz is a very active dog and is always eager to please. This is a good sign for a working hunting dog, as it makes them energetic and intense to work. While they love to be part of the hunt, they are also capable of keeping the distance necessary when moving silently through the forest to the hunting grounds. The Finnish Spitz has a very zealous but good temperament and generally only reacts with fierce intent to threatening situations, which is much less than other hunting dogs. Life Span Finnish Spitz can live up to 12 years of age. Finns Spitz can live up to 12 years of age. “Dogs must love us, they must follow our lead or they will suffer under our commands.

What Should I Feed My Finnish Spitz Dog?

You must be aware that this breed has a tendency to becoming obese. The only thing you can do is to feed your spitz a strictly regulated diet. You must avoid feeding any kind of human food. The key factor is proper and ample training. This breed is very different from most others in the sense that they do not benefit from training. Therefore, if you want a dog that can go for long trips, it’s better to ensure that you know how to handle the dog properly so that it doesn’t turn out too noisy and out of control when you leave it alone with no person around. Another point to be considered is that you should never let your spitz have anything to drink except bottled water. There are a number of health problems that this breed is prone to. The dog must be kept hydrated at all times.

How Much Grooming Does The Finnish Spitz Dog Need?

The Finnish Spitz is an affectionate, loving and funny companion. The most popular breed in Finland today and also present in other European countries, the Finnish Spitz is well adapted to apartment living as it has great indoor/outdoor activity. This dog is used for various sports as a hound, fox hunter and sleigh puller, and is a fantastic companion as well as a working animal. Some people keep the dog short and smooth, while others keep it longer and hairier. All Finns own at least one spitz dog, usually several, as they are a useful family pet and are like a member of the family. Are The Finnish Spitz Dogs Any Different From One Another? No, except for one special characteristic: The two breeds are identical in size and temperament.

Is The Finnish Spitz Dog Easy To Train?

In the first place, training Finnish Spitz requires constant care. The Finnish Spitz is very intelligent and enjoys learning new things, and is willing to work as long as its owner is equally interested. However, no one really knows how much it takes to train the spitz. In some conditions, it is quite easy to train it, while in others it is quite difficult. In general, it is more difficult for a puppy to learn something difficult, such as retrieving a hidden rabbit, than for a mature dog, but the satisfaction of having trained your dog is much higher. Finnish Spitz, and other species, can be very easily trained, but always remember that a dog in training needs to be patient, remain calm and pay attention to what the trainer is doing.

What Health Issues Does The Finnish Spitz Dog Have?

Finnish Spitz can have separation anxiety and vocalization issues. An owner can alleviate these concerns by recognizing that they are simply expressing their emotional state. This can be done by providing affection and/or company. Weight is the most common health issue for this breed. It is usually recommended that the dog be kept between 30 and 35 pounds, however a size between 29 and 35 pounds is considered acceptable. A breed specialty registrar should be consulted for breed specific diet advice. In Finland the Finnish Spitz have excellent coat and health, and are commonly used in competitions in Finland. It is important to research the health and training information of a breed of dog before you adopt.

What Is The History of The Finnish Spitz Dog?

Spitz come from Sweden. He was noted as a Saint in 11th century. Some sources say that he is one of the people, but maybe it is written that was a pups of Saint in 10th century. Norwegian Carpathian Hound The Norwegian Carpathian Hound, which is sometimes referred to as the Norske Romhund, is a large dog breed originating in Northern Europe and is particularly associated with Norway. The breed is often confused with the Carpathian Mountains Mastiff or the northern Mastiff, but is in fact a fully-fledged, purebred, spitz-type dog. Mastiff The Mastiff breed is a short-legged, thick-bodied, and stocky-looking dog originating from the cold, mountainous regions of eastern Europe and Asia.

What Is The Breed Standard of The Finnish Spitz Dog?

The breed standard for the Finnish Spitz dog is listed below. The differences between this and the first edition of the Kennel Club standard are only noted where those standards differ. General Characteristics Stout and heavily muscled, the Finnish Spitz has a round, beautifully shaped head, alert and expressive, with intense black and brown markings. The expression is always alert and is intensified in the spitz version. Black and tan markings are the usual colors. The tail is carried high and up curled in the spitz version. The Finnish Spitz breed standard calls for a balance in height, weight and width at the withers. The dog should have a height of 60-65 cm and a chest of 70-75 cm and stand about 20-25 inches tall. The height should not exceed that of a Labrador.


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