Information About the Teacup Kai Ken

Are you looking for information about the Teacup Kai Ken? The term teacup is one of the worst words to describe the size of a dog or puppy. We all know how small a tcup is, typically these cups hold about 8 ounces of water. That’s just not a realistic measurement for any dog breed.

This article will give you lots of information about the Kai Ken dog breed. In your search for a Tea Cup size dog or puppy please remember that the best you can possibly hope to find is a pet that is smaller than average.

There are many factors that come into play with the miniature breeds such as parents size, current size and siblings sizes.

Please never purchase a new pet based on size alone. Smaller teacup size breeds can be easier to take care of but they can also have more health issues.

Kai Ken is a fascinating dog breed that has a long history as a family companion and working dog. Kai Ken is an ancient dog breed native to China. It is a medium-sized, well-muscled and muscular breed that is a great family dog.

It is a very intelligent breed and has a calm and playful demeanor. It is an outstanding hunting dog and can be trained to retrieve and to track. The Kai Ken is also an intelligent dog breed that is a fantastic companion for all.


The breed’s name is pronounced “KEE-ah Ken”, and can be used as a nickname or as an adorning name. In Chinese, it means “Golden Lion Dog”. The Kai Ken is an all-white dog breed. It has a very white coat that is not purely white but also comes with two different shades of brown. The topcoat (coating) is a dark reddish-brown and the underneath coat (subcoat) is a golden yellow-white. The face and muzzle have golden colorings, but the rest of the body is white. The Kai Ken’s legs and feet are very muscular and the nails are strong. The Kai Ken’s coat is short and it has no undercoat, giving it a mane like appearance. It is well suited for dogs that need to go outdoors for short time. All colors and patterns are accepted, except white.


Originally called the Zhenkong Kai (hen-kong, the name means “bird of good fortune”) and known as the “flying falcon” in Mandarin, the dog was a hunting dog that evolved over thousands of years and is believed to have been crossed with several breeds of dogs. In 1856, the Kai Ken received formal recognition as a dog breed in China by the Guangdong Cuisine Publishing House (in Cantonese). By 1905, the Chinese Taipei Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery General Association proposed the official name Zhenkong Kai to be “Zhenkong Kai” (henkong, 中堂), which literally means “the great country of agriculture, forestry, and fishing,” a name chosen to honor the Prince of Chen and Song.

Training and Care

Like most dog breeds, the Kai Ken is an intelligent and powerful dog breed. You can train your dog in many different ways. The best way to train your Kai Ken dog is to start from the beginning. This dog can learn more in the first six months than most dogs can learn in a lifetime. All you have to do is be patient and give your dog enough opportunities to learn what you want. As the owner, you should start by teaching your dog the following basic commands: Sit Sit down on command Down Down stay Get up on command Come Stay Play dead Chase Wake up If you have any questions, you can call Dog House Training Solutions at 888-895-6676. Can You Keep the Dog? A good question to ask yourself is, can you take the time to raise a family dog?

Health Problems

As this is a large breed, the health problems of Kai Ken include hip dysplasia and dental issues. Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) In one study in 1987, it was found that these breed of dogs had an above-average occurrence of cerebellar hypoplasia (CH). This common physical characteristic of cerebellar hypoplasia is a neural disorder that makes it hard for the dogs to perform some movements. CH is a developmental disorder that may show up early or later in life in dogs of all breeds. Owners of dogs that are suspected to have CH should consult their veterinarian, because early detection and treatment may make a big difference. Zyklon B and Distemper The most common infectious disease in Kai Ken is a virus called Distemper (DT).

Diet and Nutrition

The Kai Ken has an ample amount of lean meat as its primary source of nutrition. It is also very fast growing with an adult size of 3 to 6 inches at most. It has a smooth coat that needs minimal grooming and requires little care. It is a healthy and vigorous breed and a breed that does not require an extra large amount of exercise. The Kai Ken does need a bit of exercise due to its active and alert personality. Training and Care The Kai Ken has a mild temper that requires not much time for training. It is a smart breed that requires minimal care and it requires little grooming. It can be trained to do almost anything that you set its mind to. The breed tends to be protective and vigilant when a stranger comes near the dog.

Where to Adopt or Buy

The American Kennel Club Kai Ken page has a few helpful tips and information on the Kai Ken that may be helpful for potential owners. As with any other breeds in the United States, the American Kennel Club accepts a variety of styles and temperaments in all breeds. Purchasing a Kai Ken puppy may be a little pricey, but there are many breeders who are willing to sell healthy and healthy-looking dogs for reasonable prices. You can find a breeder near you by using the American Kennel Club’s “Find A Breed” tool. You will be able to use the breed’s picture to find a breeder. Puppies are available at many area breeders in the city or even in the suburbs.



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