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Teacup is one of the worst terms for describing the dimensions of a puppy or dog. We’ve all heard about how small the tiniest of cups are, and typically they hold around 8oz of liquid. Unfortunately, this isn’t a reasonable amount for any dog breed.

This article will provide you with plenty of details on these Morkie dogs. When looking for the perfect Tea Cup size dog or puppy, remember that the greatest you can get is one smaller than the normal. Many factors influence the miniature breeds, like the size of parents, the size of their children and. Please do not buy a new pet solely based on its size only. Smaller-sized breeds could be more manageable to manage, but they could also be prone to more significant health concerns.


What’s a Morkie?

Take the Maltese and mix it with the Yorkie, and voila, you’ve got the Morkie. Warning! Just one look at this adorable little creature will make your heart soar while your fingertips are pounding on the keyboard in search of one. But, before you empty your bank account, you must be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead of the dog you have been bonded with. Be assured that in this post, I’ve collected the essential information about the Morkie and included some tips and adorable images.

1. Adorable, You’ll Desire to Cuddle One Up!

Since the Morkie has a mix of breeds, it is not guaranteed to have the exact appearance you would have if it were pure-blooded. The typical full-grown Yorkie Maltese mix generally determines between 6 and 8 inches at the shoulders and ranges from 4 to 8 pounds. Teacup-sized Morkies, On the other hand, are smaller of that range. Its coat, which is Maltese Yorkie-inspired, is a beautiful combination of their genes soft and more prolonged. They could be or tan, white, or a mixture of all three.


What is the deal with Morkie grooming?

The Morkie is required to be cleaned several times per week to stop your hair from becoming tangled or creating mats. Also, it would help if you bathed your pet once a month with top-quality dog shampoo and conditioner. Finally, if you want the hair of your Maltese Yorkie mix cut, you should employ a professional groomer to do the job at least until your pet is used to combs, clippers, or scissors, as well as the treatment.


They are Happy-Go-Lucky, However a Bit Barky.

Morkie puppy that appears as if he’s sad or sorry about something is set against a white background. Dads and pet moms believe that the Morkie temperament is often described as happy-go-lucky. It loves to run and play, as well as bring toys despite its small size. It’s a good dog for children; however, because of its delicate nature, more experienced children are recommended. The social dog can also do well in a lap dog and with other cats. Be careful whenever the Yorkie Maltese is near larger breeds because its tiny body is easily injured.


What do you think of the training?

As a half Terrier, The Morkie tends to show a persistent side. But that doesn’t mean that he’s not trainable. It’s contrary. With lots of love, determination, perseverance, and a few delicious snacks, Your Morkie could turn out to be a “good student.”


Morkie Medical Issues.

As with all pets, there are health concerns that can arise. Since this dog is one of the Maltese Yorkie mix breeders, understand that they can be susceptible to the following ailments.

Eye or ear issues.

Sneezing reverse–air is pushed quickly to the nostrils.

Hypoglycemia-Low blood sugar.

Portosystemic shunt — a liver condition where there is an inconsistency in the connection between the portal vein (or any of its branches) and a different vein.

Patella Luxation— slipped knee joint.

Regular veterinarian examinations and a well-planned diet can help identify the signs of these ailments before they become problems.


Morkie Exercise, You Decide.

A puppy who seems to be telling “I’m sorry” for something that has copy space. Even though the Morkie is classified as a Toy breed, it’s still going to need some amount of play and exercise each day. It is suggested to take your dog to walk through the neighborhood or take him for a time in the park. If you decide to go to an animal park to get active with your Yorkie Maltese, be aware of the other animals because an accidental bite or fall on your dog’s head takes just one second for serious injury to happen.


How much damage can the tiniest Morkie dog cause?

Pet owners have reported that their dogs are ripping apart sofa cushions, peeing and excreting all over the place, as well as scrubbing doors to the point that their paws are bleeding and barking incessantly. You should ensure that someone is in the house to keep your pet safe from trouble. If you’re not at home and take care of your Morkie each day, You might want to think about hiring an animal dog walker.


Regardless Of Their Little Size, They Can Consume.

You should give your dog the best quality diet. It will provide your dog the necessary nutrients needed to grow, be healthy, and have a gorgeous coat and will also shield its teeth from tartar and plaque buildup. You must ensure that you purchase the correct size of the kibble. A smaller size of food created specifically for dogs that play can prevent the risk of choking and give you to give your Yorkie Maltese the capacity of chewing and adequately swallowing food.

Additionally, since it is the case that this “type” is more prone to weight gain and weight gain, you should not expect your food to contain many carbohydrates. Once your pet has gained those extra pounds, she is at risk of developing other Morkie health problems, such as slipping knees and hyperglycemia (diabetes).


Morkie Puppies, What Could Be Cuter?

It’s not a question that the Morkie is an adorable pet, but there are some precautions you should take. Most importantly, if your Morkie is one of the Teacups, you will need to be extra cautious. Doing too much to it or lying on top of it on the bed can cause injury or death.

The second is that early socialization of your puppy is crucial to have a happy dog instead of being shy and fearful. A lot of breeders and family pet experts suggest puppies, kindergartens, or pup education classes. These are controlled environments where your Morkie can learn from other dogs, talk about some basics in training, and even become great friends.

Since it is known that Yorkie Maltese is a hybrid getting a puppy might be more challenging. It is possible to inquire about the local animal rescue and put your name on the desk at the entrance if you could bring in a puppy or use a search online. Petfinder is a great place to start, as you can narrow your search to only the areas you want to visit.


There is A Lot Of Fun Information About the Morkie.

There’s still a lot to learn about this adorable hybrid. Here are eight interesting facts concerning the Morkie that you’ll be required to know:

  1. Maltese Yorkies are tiny when they are born, weighing between 4 and 5 pounds.
  2. The life expectancy of this breed is between 10 to 13 years old.
  3. It is believed that the Morkie hybrid was created in America to be a lap dog.
  4. This dog can live in apartments quite well.
  5. This adorable dog is excellent for older people and would be a great therapy dog.
  6. Since this dog is small, the litter size could range from two puppies to five pups.
  7. Yorkie Maltese people are hoping to one day make them an actual breed in the eye by the American Kennel Club (AKC).
  8. Morkies are quick to bond with their family members and want to be part of day-to-day events.


Morkie FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

1. What is a Morkie?

The Morkie is a dog that has been designed that be a cross between The Maltese and the Yorkshire Terrier. But telling you about the breeds that create this dog isn’t enough. Go on and explore the different sections on their appearance and their temperament!


2. Do they shed?

Both Maltese and the Yorkie are thought to be shedders of low volume and will be the case for the Morkie is likely to inherit. They are hypoallergenic because they are hairless and do not have fur. That’s a great thing, but there’s a problem in handling their coat.


3. Do Morkies enjoy cuddling?

For lap dog breeds, they’re huge cuddlers! So you may want to think about the next time you’re thinking of giving this adorable furball and a hug, especially if you’re planning on sleeping with it on your couch or bed.


4. How much should I invest in Morkies?

You can expect to pay between $850 and $3,700! The range of prices is predicted for some crossbreeds. You decide to decide if this list of facts regarding Morkies is something you’re able to take on.


5. Are you sure that Morkie is the right choice for you?

Be sure to consider all information from our personality to grooming requirements, exercise, and training. Think I believe that the Maltese Yorkie mix is a fantastic mix of adorableness and a charming personality, and a coat that’s pretty easy to take care of. It can indeed be prone to be stubborn, and that’s fine, but it makes caring for a pet Morkie much more enjoyable.



Teacup Morkie




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