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Teacup Pomeranian Puppies Available in Minnesota, MN – Great Deals under $100, $200, $300, $400, $500 & Up

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Welcome to our Minnesota Teacup Pomeranian Puppies information page.

Below, you will find Minnesota breeders, rescues, shelters, and humane society organizations. Pomeranians are a popular breed of small dogs known for their fluffy coats and playful personalities.

Though they are often seen as lap dogs, Pomeranians are active and require regular exercise. They are also very intelligent and can be easily trained.

Originally from the Pomerania region of Germany, the breed gets its name from the German word “pomeranian,” meaning “along the sea.” The breed was brought to England in the 18th century and later to America.

In Minnesota, the Pomeranian is a popular choice for city dwellers looking for a small, friendly companion dog. The breed generally has a lifespan of 12-16 years and is relatively healthy.

However, some health issues include hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, von Willebrand’s disease, and epilepsy. Pomeranians come in various colors and sizes.

There are many reputable breeders and shelters across Minnesota where you can find a Pomeranian puppy or adult dog to adopt into your home.

You may have seen Teacup Pomeranian puppies for sale through the organizations below. Still, even if you haven’t, you’ve probably heard about the Teacup version, and your curiosity has undoubtedly been piqued.

The idea of owning a Tea Cup Pomeranian isn’t so strange for some people, but for others, it’s something they’d never consider.

If you’re interested in finding Pomeranian puppies for sale, you’ve come to the right place. Do your research to consider if this dog breed is right for you.

Finding Rescue, Shelter, or Humane Society Organizations in Minnesota

MN Whispering Pines Springers
Pet breeder
38981 Long Farm Rd, Pine River, MN 56474
(218) 587-3209


2-Sisters Cavaliers & Cavapoos
Pet breeder
220 County Road 8 SE, Kandiyohi, MN 56251
(320) 979-9168


Location: Twin Valley, MN
Telephone: 218-766-6722

Blooming Prairie Yorkies
Location: North Branch, MN
Telephone: 651-308-9410


Rich Olsen
Location: Mankato, MN
Telephone: 515-250-3599

Minneapolis, MN, United States


Kyle Haag
Eden Valley, MN, United States


Woodland Chinese Cresteds – Maltese Puppies
Princeton, MN, United States

Joan – Chihuahua Puppies
Brainerd, MN, United States


Happy Tail Chihuahua Puppies
Iona, MN, United States


Connie Mathiowetz – Chihuahua Puppies
Sleepy Eye, MN, United States

Diamond Hill Chihuahuas
Apple Valley, MN, United States


Tiffany Etter – Chihuahua Puppies
MN, United States


Sweetwater Shih Tzu
Location: Mayer, MN
Telephone: 952-567-9022


Minnesota Humane Society
475 North Cleveland Avenue, Suite 100B
Saint Paul, MN 55125
Phone: (651) 665-9311


Animal Humane Society – Woodbury
9785 Hudson Road
Woodbury, MN 55125
Phone: (952) 435-7738


Twin Cities Pet Rescue
PO Box 28245
St. Paul, MN 55128
Phone: (612) 555-5555


Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue
Oakdale, MN 55128


Minnesota Greyhound Rescue
Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076
Phone: 651-245-8791


Saving Tails Animal Rescue
PO Box 2581
South Saint Paul, MN 55076

MN Pocket Pet Rescue
Saint Paul, MN 55106


Animal Ark
2600 Industrial Ct.
Hastings, MN 55033
Phone: (651) 772-8983


Emotional Rescue
Hastings, MN 55033


Bold Animal Advocates LLC
Mahtomedi, MN 55115


BARK (Being Advocates for Rescued K-9s)
St. Paul, MN 55107
Phone: (651) 554-9284


For Furever Animal Rescue
St. Paul, MN 55107


PNC Midwest Rescue
Inver Grove Heights, MN 55077


Second Chance Animal Rescue
PO Box 10533
White Bear Lake, MN 55110
Phone: (651) 771-5662


Luvachin Rescue
St. Paul, MN 55111


Minnesota Birddog Rescue
Saint Paul, MN 55104
Phone: 651-642-9636

Pooches United with People
Saint Paul, MN 55104
Phone: 651-645-4370


Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue
St. Paul, MN 55127


Cause For Paws Inc.
PO Box 130472
Roseville, MN 55113
Phone: (952) 259-1483


Animal Humane Society – St. Paul
1115 Beulah Lane
St Paul, MN 55108
Phone: (952) 435-7738


Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue
Saint Paul, MN 55104


Saint Paul, MN 55104
Phone: (612) 986-5528

Pleading Paws Pet Rescue
Box 357
Hugo, MN 55038
Phone: 651-407-0072


Saving Shepherds of Minnesota
Hugo, MN 55038


MUSHR – Minnesota’s Unwanted Siberian Husky Rescue
Minneapolis, MN 55417
Phone: (612) 800-3200


Veterinary Rescue League
Apple Valley, MN 55124
Phone: (952) 222-8245

Legends Rescue
New Brighton, MN 55112


Animal Relief Fund
P.O. Box 17098
Minneapolis, MN 55417
Phone: (612) 521-3767


Wags & Whiskers Animal Rescue of MN
Minneapolis, MN 55417


MN Boston Terrier Rescue
Minneapolis, MN 55407
Phone: (651) 254-9874

Minneapolis, MN 55407


New Leash Rescue
Cannon Falls, MN 55009
Phone: (507) 351-6647


ACT V Rescue & Rehabilitation
PO Box 385731
Bloomington, MN 55438


TLC Canine Rescue
PO Box 43563
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443
Phone: 763-219-8764


Southwest Metro Animal Rescue
Minnetonka, MN 55343
Phone: (952) 368-7297

Last Hope Inc.
431 3rd Street
Farmington, MN 55024
Phone: (651) 463-8747


Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue, Inc
Welch, MN 55089


No Dog Left Behind Rescue
PO Box 29461
Brooklyn Center, MN 55429
Phone: (612) 354-6352

Fur-Ever Home Rescue
Fridley, MN 55432
Phone: 6517074701


St. Francis of Assisi Animal Rescue
PO Box 256
Forest Lake, MN 55025
Phone: (612) 387-4869

Underdog Rescue, MN
PO Box 16453
Saint Louis Park, MN 55416


Rescued Pets Are Wonderful
PO Box 490201
Blaine, MN 55449
Phone: (763) 757-8204


Humane Society of Goodhue County
1213 Brick Ave.
Red Wing, MN 55066
Phone: (651) 388-5286

Greyhound Pets of America Minnesota
PO Box 18312
Minneapolis, MN 55418
Phone: 763.785.4000


Minnesota Basset Rescue
PO Box #68005
1600 18th Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418
Phone: (612) 568-8350


Pet Project Rescue
PO Box 582861
Minneapolis, MN 55458


Minnesota Spay/Neuter Project
PO Box 19546
Minneapolis, MN 55419

Pet Haven Inc. of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN 55419
Phone: (952) 831-3825


Doberman Rescue Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN 55403
Phone: (651) 256-2294


Ridgeback Rescue of the US
Minneapolis, MN 55405


Minneapolis Animal Care and Control
212 17th Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55411
Phone: (612) 673-6222

Matty’s Heart & Soul Animal Rescue
Minneapolis, MN 55412


UnbreakaBULL Pit Bull Rescue
Minneapolis, MN 55430


Puppy Rescue of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN 55429


Heading Home K9 Rescue
Minneapolis, MN 55438

Redemption Road Rescue
PO Box 28084
Crystal, MN 55428
Phone: (612) 978-1284


Healing Hearts Rescue, Inc
Crystal, MN 55428

Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption
11247 Foley Blvd.
Coon Rapids, MN 55448
Phone: 763-754-9754


Animal Humane Society – Coon Rapids
1411 Main St NW
Coon Rapids, MN 55448
Phone: (952) 435-7738


Westwynd Animal Rescue
Coon Rapids, MN 55448
Phone: (763) 443-6434

A Rotta Love Plus – Rottweiler & Pit Bull Rescue
Golden Valley, MN 55422


Animal Humane Society – Golden Valley
845 Meadow Lane N
Golden Valley, MN 55422
Phone: (952) 435-7738

Animal Angels Rescue
Lakeville, MN 55044
Phone: (612) 229-2125


Protecting Paws Animal Rescue
Lakeville, MN 55044
Phone: (952) 288-3668


Land of Lakes Dog Rescue
Lakeville, MN 55044


Which Country Do Pomeranians Come From?

Pomeranians originate from the Pomerania region in northern Poland and eastern Germany. The breed was named after this region, once home to a tribe known as the Pomeranians. These people bred dogs that were similar in appearance to the modern-day Pomeranian, and the breed eventually spread to other parts of Europe.

In the late 19th century, they were brought to England, becoming popular pets among the upper class. Queen Victoria was particularly fond of the breed and helped increase its popularity. Today, Poms are cherished companions all over the world. Thanks to their friendly personalities and cute appearances, it’s easy to see why these dogs have stolen so many hearts.

What is the Most Famous Pomeranian Dog?

The most famous Pomeranian dog is undoubtedly Boo, the world’s cutest dog. With his huge eyes and furry face, Boo quickly won the hearts of animal lovers around the globe. His owner, Irene Ahn, started a Facebook page for him in 2009, and he quickly gained a large following.

In 2011, he was named the “Official Pet Liaison” for Virgin America Airlines, and he has since appeared in numerous magazines and television shows. Boo even has his line of plush toys and books. There is no doubt that Boo is the most famous Pomeranian dog in the world.

Pomeranian Characteristics

Pomeranians are among the most popular dog breeds, and it’s easy to see why. These dogs are small but sturdy and have a thick coat of fur in various colors. Pomeranians are also known for being friendly and outgoing, making great companion animals. However, there are a few things potential owners should be aware of before they choose a Pomeranian.

These dogs require regular grooming, and they can be prone to barking. Additionally, Pomeranians need plenty of exercise, so they may not be the best choice for someone with a sedentary lifestyle. But a Pomeranian could be the perfect match for those looking for an active and affectionate dog.

Pomeranian Coat and Colors

The Pomeranian is a small, Spitz-type dog. The most distinctive feature of the Pomeranian is its thick, double coat, which can be either straight or curly. The outer coat is harsh and dense, while the undercoat is soft and thick. The coat comes in various colors: black, brown, red, cream, orange, blue, and white.

Pomeranians require a lot of grooming to keep their coats in good condition. Daily brushing is necessary to prevent matting and tangling, and regular baths will help to keep the coat clean and healthy. In addition, the coat should be trimmed regularly to prevent it from getting too long. With proper care, a Pomeranian’s coat can be a beautiful asset.

What is the lifespan of the Pomeranian?

The Pomeranian is a small, lively dog that has been a popular pet for centuries. Though their origins are unknown, they are believed to be descended from larger Spitz-type dogs. Today, they are one of the most popular breeds in the world, known for their fun-loving personalities and distinctive fluffy coats.

But how long do these adorable little dogs typically live? Unfortunately, the answer is not as long as we would like. On average, Pomeranians live between 12 and 16 years, although some individual dogs have been known to reach 20 years or more.

While this may seem like a relatively short lifespan, it is about average for a dog of this size. So, though they may not be with us for as long as we would like, we can take comfort in knowing that Pomeranians enjoy a good quality of life well into their senior years.

Pomeranian Exercise Requirements

Pomeranians are small but active dogs that require regular exercise to stay healthy and happy. A daily walk is essential, and Pomeranians also enjoy chasing balls and playing with toys. If left unchecked, Pomeranians can become overweight, leading to health problems such as joint pain and respiratory issues.

Reactive dog breeds. Additionally, Pomeranians are prone to separation anxiety, and regular exercise can help to reduce stress levels. If you’re thinking of adding a Pomeranian to your family, be sure to have the time and energy to give them the exercise they need. With a little effort, you’ll have a loyal and affectionate companion for years.

What Health Problems Do Pomeranians Have?

Pomeranians are a toy breed of dog, and like all dogs, they are susceptible to certain health problems. One common health problem for Pomeranians is dental disease. This can be prevented through regular teeth brushing and taking your dog to the vet for professional cleanings.

Another health concern for Pomeranians is obesity. This is often caused by overfeeding and lack of exercise, leading to serious health problems such as joint problems and diabetes. To keep your Pomeranian healthy, feed them a balanced diet and provide plenty of opportunities for exercise. Regular vet checkups are also essential to help catch any health problems early on. With proper care, your Pomeranian can enjoy a long and healthy life.

Are Pomeranians Hard to Take Care of?

Pomeranians are a popular breed of dog known for their small size and playful personalities. While they make great companions, Pomeranians can be high-maintenance dogs that require regular grooming and socialization. They are also prone to separation anxiety and can be excessive barkers.

As a result, Pomeranians may not be the best fit for every family. Potential owners should research the breed carefully before bringing a Pomeranian into their home. However, Pomeranians can make wonderful furry friends with the proper care and attention.


Keep Checking Back For New Minnesota Breeders and Rescue Listings.

Some Minnesota cities we plan to include Puppies For Sale and Rescue Organizations are listed below.

Minneapolis, MN
St. Paul, MN
Rochester, MN
Duluth, MN
Bloomington, MN
Brooklyn Park, MN
Plymouth, MN
St. Cloud, MN
Eagan, MN
Woodbury, MN
Maple Grove, MN
Coon Rapids, MN
Eden Prairie, MN
Burnsville, MN
Blaine, MN
Lakeville, MN
Minnetonka, MN
Apple Valley, MN
Edina, MN
St. Louis Park, MN
Mankato, MN
Maplewood, MN
Moorhead, MN
Shakopee, MN
Richfield, MN
Cottage Grove, MN
Inver Grove Heights, MN
Roseville, MN
Andover, MN
Brooklyn Center, MN
Winona, MN
Oakdale, MN
Fridley, MN
Savage, MN
Owatonna, MN
Shoreview, MN
Austin, MN
White Bear Lake, MN
Chaska, MN
Ramsey, MN
Faribault, MN
Chanhassen, MN
Champlin, MN
Elk River, MN