The 10 Best Hairless Dog Breeds: Unique Dogs With No Hair

The 10 Best Hairless Dog Breeds: Unique Dogs With No Hair

If you’ve been thinking about getting a hairless dog, you’ve probably researched some of the best hairless dog breeds. But what I love about hairless dog breeds is that they are different – they are more unique than regular hairless dogs. This is why I’d like to share with you the top 10 hairless dog breeds. You’ll find out why these are the best hairless dog breeds out there. And you’ll also find out why they are some of the most unique hairless dog breeds ever.

American Hairless Terrier

The American Hairless Terrier is a terrier-type dog breed that has hairless pads on its paws and feet. It also has fur covering its shoulders and neck. And it’s called the American Hairless Terrier, because it looks similar to the American Bald Eagle. Basset Hound Another type of hairless dog is the Basset Hound. They come in all different colors and patterns, and they can also have black and tan markings. American Hairless Terrier The American Hairless Terrier has characteristics that the Basset Hound and the French Bulldog share. The hairless pads on its paws and feet give the American Hairless Terrier a unique look. German Hairless Terrier The German Hairless Terrier is a small hairless dog breed that comes from Germany. These dogs are also known as the Silky Schnauzer.

Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested is an ancient breed that was first introduced to the US in 1911. The Chinese Crested has a short, snub face and a ridge of fur that runs the length of its body. It’s not a very muscular breed, so it needs a lot of exercise. It’s also a toy breed that is good for children. And, like other toy breeds, the Chinese Crested needs a lot of grooming. What’s more, the Chinese Crested has a wrinkled forehead that may get flaky. The last thing you want to do is let the Chinese Crested groom itself. How to Care for a Chinese Crested Dog Since the Chinese Crested is not very muscular, you can take it out for walks in your neighborhood. I recommend a few walks each day and to feed the dog just before you go out.


The Xoloitzcuintli is an unusual hairless dog breed. The exact origins of the Xoloitzcuintli are unknown, but it is believed to be an ancient breed that is first mentioned in Latin literature by the historian Eusebio del Pollaiuolo. Pollaiuolo was writing about ancient Aztec society and their dog breeds in his 15th-century work “Breviarium Medii Aevi”. At that time the Xoloitzcuintli was known as a Shorthaired Hound. However, Pollaiuolo later wrote about a hound with a body the color of blood and a head the color of snow. It is said that he found this shaggy dog in the jungle, and that this dog resembled a Xoloitzcuintli. Therefore, the dog is sometimes called Xoloitzcuintli (the dog of the night) and Xoloitzcuintlel (the night dog).

Peruvian Inca Orchid

The Peruvian Inca Orchid is an adorable exotic hairless dog breed that is based in Peru. The Peruvian Inca Orchid is not an odd breed – it’s actually a really sweet dog. It’s a stunning hairless dog breed, and they can actually survive quite cold climates because of the breed’s coat. They can even survive in -10 degree temperatures. These dogs are often used as personal pets and can sometimes live with cats or other dogs. Unlike other dogs, they are quiet, independent and don’t require much attention. They are truly unique and give a lot of people the opportunity to have a fun and unique dog. Laughing Dog The Laughing Dog is a magnificent hairless dog breed based in Austria. These are playful, smart and very outgoing dogs.

Argentine Pila Dog

Argentine Pila Dog breed. Image credit A breed of hairless dogs known as Argentin Pila Dog, the Argentin Pila Dog is the longest hairless dog breed in the world. The Argentin Pila Dog breed has no genetic relation to the American Hairless Dog breed of the same name. They are believed to have appeared in Argentina during the 1930’s. These are also known as Argentine Hairless Dog. This breed of hairless dog has been bred specifically to stand on a tight-rope while balancing on one leg. They are trained to walk on tightropes and even on chairs and tables, as well as to retrieve and to swim. There are actually about 85 different hairless dog breeds, some of them are very rare.

Abyssinian Sand Terrier

There’s only one type of hairless dog in this list – the Abyssinian. This breed comes from Ethiopia and it’s absolutely unique. Think about it: Abyssinian dogs are basically hairless chihuahuas. As far as I know, they are the only hairless dog breeds in the world. They have an all-white coat and an intricate pattern that shows where they’ve been shaved. That’s why they look as if they’ve been shaved completely – the only place where they have hair is on their back. The Abyssinian Sand Terrier is an incredibly rare and exotic breed, so it’s not at all uncommon for a pure Abyssinian to sell for over $1000. Fun Fact: Unlike other Abyssinian hairless dog breeds, the Abyssinian doesn’t have any guard hairs. They are completely hairless.

Hairless Khala

The hairless kala breed (also known as the hairless hound) was developed in Australia in 1932. The first hairless was created by Peter McGlothlin, a local farmer who saw a dog in the wild that had no hair. He bred a male and female dog from a pure-breed and a sable wolfhound, and they had two puppies – a male and a female. The female kala was the male’s offspring, and she was also the offspring of a jack russell and the male kangaroo rat. The two male kala puppies were created from the two females. The hairless dogs were originally bred for hunting small animals such as rabbits, foxes, or koalas. But after they were put to use in the military in World War II, they were used in killing enemy prisoners.


I would describe Jonangi dogs as Asian-French poodles. Jonangi dogs have longer coats than normal poodles. They are also often described as having less powerful but longer and curlier coats than typical poodles. Each breed of Jonangi has a different look, but these dogs tend to be large, broad, and tough. Not many Jonangi dogs are owned by little kids. Most owners are adult males. Blue (Russian Blue) I believe all Russian blue cats are blue because of their very high testosterone levels. This breed is highly athletic, and also intelligent, sweet, and devoted. No other blue cat is as physically attractive as a blue Russian blue. However, this is definitely a breed for mature owners who are used to the active, fast-moving nature of the breed.

Ecuadorian Hairless Dog

Ecuadorian hairless dog in South America One of the most unique hairless dogs in the world is the Ecuadorian hairless dog. These are large hairless dogs that originate from Ecuador. These dogs may have lost up to 90% of their body hair! They are not a true hairless dog – but they are one of the most unique hairless dogs in the world. Ecuadorian hairless dog in South America This hairless dog is one of the most unique hairless dog breeds in the world If you love dogs that have no hair and are often mistaken for a Bigfoot, then Ecuadorian hairless dogs are a must have for you. Some Ecuadorian hairless dogs are even bigger than Great Pyrenees! Himalayan Hound The Himalayan hound is a very unique dog. They have no hair.

Hairless Chihuahua

The hairless chihuahua is pretty much the simplest and cutest hairless dog breed on this list. These dogs have smooth and shiny coats, and the coat doesn’t shed out. The coat is basically fluffed up like a puffball mushroom. The best thing about the hairless chihuahua is that they are very easy to maintain. This is why they are very popular among breeders, and they are also commonly available on the market. These dogs need a regular grooming, but the owners can take it easy on their grooming routine. But it’s important to know that hairless chihuahuas have a very narrow face. Their face should be about the size of a baseball, and their eyes should be positioned well. The skull should have no gapes or crannies or nooks, and the mouth should be symmetrical.

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