The 52 Best Dog Breeds in The World You Should Know About

Below you will find information about 52 of what is considered the best dog breeds in the world. So many facts, questions answered, tips, tricks and just about anything you should know about these wonderful dog breeds. Some are Miniature size, some are Standard and others are Large breeds. I hope you enjoy this article. It have taken some time to create and the dog breeds listed below are in no particular order, that way you can decide for yourselves which breed you love the best.


1. Yorkie or Yorkshire Terrier

While Yorkies may not be the largest in the group, they are among the most popular. They are often referred to as the “bitch of the dog world,” because they can be demanding to own. They can also be needy and highly attached to their owners. If you are going to have a Yorkie, it’s best to keep them with a family that doesn’t care for them 24/7. Height: 16-18 inches The shortest dog on this list (on average) and one of the newest breeds, the Yorkshire Terrier was first bred in England in 1868. The Yorkshire Terrier is easy going and affectionate, but also makes a great guard dog. The breed is loyal, playful and lively. They require plenty of exercise, and sometimes lots of wrestling, so they can expend energy off the property, and won’t get bored and destructive when left home alone. If you’re looking for a second dog for the family, they are friendly and active. This breed needs special attention and the trust of your other pet in order to be a great family dog. Most Yorkies will need to be rehomed because they are best suited to a single owner with all that needs to be done to care for them.


2. Miniature Pinscher

The Miniature Pinscher is the perfect dog for families with active children. This energetic breed does well with many owners of all ages. It gets along with all members of the family, especially younger ones. It loves cuddles and will be happiest if it gets enough outdoor time. It’s best suited to an indoor home, as it does tend to get bored easily and may get destructive. The American Miniature Pinscher is a small breed that you can keep outside with just a small gate. Miniature Pinscher This is a very popular small dog, with lots of great history in terms of lineage, cultural significance and even football player’s dogs. What is more, the Miniature Pinscher is one of the most adaptable small breeds. Many will respond well to a lot of different situations and some are even used in therapy dogs and therapy work.


3. Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers, like so many other dogs, can be demanding and energetic. However, that can be a wonderful trait if the rest of your family is in need of a little help in the morning. This will also help them get along with a family dog if they want to have play dates with a large dog or be friends with children or other dogs. If you have an active dog, a Boston Terrier will be sure to enjoy training, agility classes and other type of leisure activities. This breed does tend to go thru a chewing faze like most dogs so having the proper chew toys is definitely suggested.


4. Maltese

Another small breed, the Maltese is often the most popular toy dog in the world. They are confident dogs who crave affection and would be ideal with a confident person. They are the typical lap dogs but have enough energy to go for short walks daily. I would suggest a leash for any dog walks, remember safety first. The Maltese are typically solid white but some have buff on the ears. This can be considered a flaw with AKC but if you care about love and affection then it shouldn’t matter if your dog’s coat isn’t perfect. They can be as small as 3 lbs and big as 12-15 lbs depending on the parents.


5. Pomeranian

The Pomeranian is the perfect size, but the breed has become very popular because people think it looks like a beagle with floppy ears, much like the dog in a cartoon. What they get with that image is a temperament that is extremely sensitive and easily stressed out. While your Pomeranian will fit in just about anywhere, she’ll do best with someone who is active or someone who has a lot of positive reinforcement training experience. Pom’s come in a wide range of colors including sable, merle and spotted.

The 52 Best Dog Breeds in The World You Should Know About
The 52 Best Dog Breeds in The World You Should Know About

6. Coton de Tulear

The Coton de Tulear is a short haired, fluffy, often confused with the Maltese dog breed. They are an elegant dog, one of the most successful ever bred in France, and one of the smallest breeds of dogs in the world. This breed is very playful and great for children. They tend to be a little larger than the Maltese on average. White is the obvious color but flaws are to be expected. They make great lap or purse dogs also. Still they are active enough for walks with you on a leash or running inside a fenced yard providing no larger dogs are present.


7. Shih Tzu

Another multi-purpose breed of small dog, the Shih Tzu is not as popular as many of the other miniature breeds listed here. Shih Tzu’s have, by far, the cutest faces in the world, and many of them are prone to cheeky attitudes. Shih Tzus are energetic dogs and need exercise time each day. The adorable canines are extremely intelligent and will likely enjoy learning basic commands. They are also a very playful breed. This breed does tend to be high energy, but they don’t demand you spend the day carrying them up and down the stairs. Although they are not good for apartment life, the Shih Tzu does make for a great first dog for any new family. They love the comfort of their owners and are a wonderful addition to any home.


8. Lhasa Apso

Lhasas are beloved as lap dogs in the US and as dog walkers in the UK, and they can be friendly and affectionate while also being small and fierce. They require a lot of attention, because the males are very proud and will bark at you if you pick them up. Otherwise, they need a lot of exercise, and love to sleep on soft, human-made items, like rugs or upholstery.  This breed is once again considered a lap or purse dog. They love attention like most of the smaller breeds and can be taken shopping or to the park with your friends.


9. Miniature Bulldog

Bulldogs get a bad rap in the media, but they’re actually very athletic, playful dogs that enjoy playing with people of all ages. They do well with other dogs and are even pretty good with cats. Most bulldogs, however, need some daily exercise, like small dogs do. This breed is pretty large and has a lot of potential to grow to 150 lbs. The miniature versions are obviously much smaller but don’t be fooled by the title. Size always depends on the parents, grandparents and genetics. Any breeder that guarantees a certain size must be able to back it up with parents and grandparents weights at least. This breed is protective, alert and active. Fenced yards are suggested and it’s important to socialize at an early age. It’s also suggested that proper training begins soon after potty training or during.


10. French Bulldog

French Bulldog is one of the most popular dog breeds they take up a sizeable portion of the American Kennel Club. They are known for having a “Teflon” personality. Frenchies are also the most popular dogs at dog shows and are a good choice if you want a medium-size dog that is easier to train. They require a lot of attention, but can be very smart. Being one of the cutest dog breeds comes at a price. Expect to pay $1500 to $5000 from pet stores and breeders. You can always get a much cheaper rescue French Bulldog but often times these are abused or neglected and haven’t received proper training.


11. Toy Poodle

Toy poodles aren’t all Labradors and poodles anymore. People are choosing the Toy Poodle as an alternative to the popular poodle due to its more open face. While the Toy Poodle is more of a lap dog than a real dog, the breed also deserves a mention here because it is seen as one of the more friendly dogs. It’s very loyal, doesn’t bark much and gives its owner unconditional love. If you’re in a partnership that needs some cuddles and a dog that is the perfect size, the Toy Poodle may just be a great choice for you.


12. Schnauzer

Why it works: This breed is perfect for families. They make good family dogs that are active and adaptable. They do well with younger children and are alert and interested in everything they see. Health concerns: There are a few health issues that can occur if this breed is not kept as active as it should be, like hyperthyroidism, which can result in excitability and slow movements. Amino acids in the diet, like corn starch, can be harmful, so make sure they are of the right food type, especially in times of major stress. The Miniature Schnauzer originated in Germany and has been bred in a variety of sizes and breeds over the centuries. Schnauzer They were bred in Germany and are compact, compact and fun to watch.


13. American Shepherd

These versatile dogs are used for everything from carrying packages, to delivering messages, and even being used to search and track missing people. The American Shepherd is a dual purpose breed, so it can be used for all sorts of tasks. When not being used for herding, the American Shepherd can run about, but is also very easy going. The breed is very smart and enjoys the many skills the breed is known for. The American Shepherd has the smooth, yet compact body that’s great for keeping its balance and balance is a trait the breed is known for. Its long pointed nose also helps the dog get into small places. In today’s society the American Shepherd is one of the most popular miniature dogs. Price: $700 to $3000.

14. Aussiedoodle

Many Aussiedoodles have a thick soft coat. They are supposed to resemble their blood relatives, the Collie, and they make good low-energy pets that can sit still for long periods of time. Aussiedoodles are also supposed to be active dogs, so they may do better in a home with older children. They may be great for someone with allergies.


15. Brussels Griffon Brussels

Griffons can be up to 18 inches tall at the shoulder and have wonderful markings. The breed is the perfect size for a young child, since it’s not big enough to scare them and it isn’t too big to keep them in their lap. They are also very well-behaved and highly trainable.

16. Australian Shepherd

An Australian Shepherd loves the outdoors and is happy as a family pet if they can run, play and are able to keep up with their pack. The breed, which is usually full-blooded, has thick coat that needs regular brushing. But it also loves to be inside on the couch where they can snuggle and sleep. These sweet dogs have some quirks though; their barks can sometimes sound rather menacing when they are protecting their family.


17. Bernese Mountain Dog

This breed is named after a Swiss town and is full of loyalty and love. These dogs can run in any weather and are very protective of their family. You can pick them up and shake them if you like, but make sure that your children are not getting too close when it comes to this dog.

18. Basset Hound

As the most popular of all mini schnauzers, the basset hound is extremely energetic and easy to care for. In its size range, the basset hound can have the most physical energy out of all the mini schnauzers, due to its size and weight. The basset hound is very loving and will bond with its family members.


19. Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is a chow chow mix breed, so it is its own breed. This dog is one of the largest of all of the mini schnauzer breeds. The Chow Chow is low energy, but very loveable. They love being around their humans, but they can also have temperaments that can make a life with small children difficult. If you don’t have a chow chow in mind, you can start looking at breeders who specialize in the Chow Chow.

20. Beagle

The beagle is one of the oldest breeds, and is found in many countries in northern Europe. This old-fashioned dog is a social, low maintenance animal with very special characteristics. They love company, but do not like attention. This breed is already fully socialized, so no extra training will be needed. They have great house manners, are happy with their own space, and love people! Most beagles are high energy, which can be a good thing for some people, as long as they are exercised in a safe manner. An Average Pet for Average People Dogs with beagles often have the “typical” personality of the breed: docile and friendly. Beagles are particularly well-liked because of their calm temperament and adorable coloring. The beagle loves the company of its people, so it’s ideal for families with active children.  Beagles aren’t little, but they’re fluffy and extremely sweet. They’re easily trained and just want to love you. If you like music, they’re a good one for you. They are good for elderly families and people that have pets and dogs that can run and play with them. Beagles love long walks and lots of space to run in. The Beagle may be one of the most versatile dogs. They are easy to train because they love to be stimulated by anything. They make excellent family dogs and love children, who they can then teach all kinds of good lessons. They are excellent at herding and make excellent pets for people who are a little shy around dogs. They make excellent companion dogs too, who can go for a long walk with you!


21. Labrador Retriever

Often the most popular dog in America, the Labrador Retriever was the first dog to be bred specifically to help the blind. These are confident, loyal dogs, who love to be around people, but need some alone time, as they are happy alone as well.


22. Boxer

Boxers are known as the most famous breed of dog in the world, and they take their rightful place on this list of the best mini-dog breeds. They may be small, but they have a great amount of energy. It’s an ideal breed to take with you on long road trips, which is the standard of any boxer owner. Just make sure they get plenty of playtime and exercise and watch for training issues that may arise in adolescence. The Boxer on the left is a real beauty with his scarf, but the one on the right might be your style.


23. Poodle

If you’re looking for a small dog, a poodle can be a great fit. They are long-lived dogs, requiring little maintenance. They get along with all other types of animals, they’re good with kids, and most breeds are hypoallergenic.


24. Bulldog

The American Bully is small for a bulldog, though it can grow to 20 pounds. It’s one of the best-known dog breeds in the world because of its winning personality. The Bulldog is a short-legged dog that loves swimming and chasing things around. The Bulldog is also small enough to be used as a therapy dog. The Bulldog, known as one of the sweetest dogs in the world, is a very active, athletic dog. It needs a lot of exercise to stay healthy and active. Most bulldogs are born muscular and sturdy. But it’s recommended that their owners have them spayed and have them raised up to 6 months old before putting them in a show ring. Bulldog is a very energetic, but loving dog that is always ready for a game of ball. He needs an owner that is willing to play. The two legs in front of you can lift any human on their very own, but they can also calm down a young child and give them love. Although they don’t enjoy much exercise, this cute little creature is also very smart.


25. Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier is a muscular, graceful and exuberant little man. Despite its small size, it has big genes. The breed was a working dog back in the day, and therefore has a loyal nature, but also has an inquisitive nature that would make it great with kids. It is very intelligent and curious and thus would make a great companion for a child.


26. Chihuahua

The Chihuahua is a herding dog that stands at just 3-5 inches tall, but packs a big personality. The miniscule chihuahua is constantly seeking attention, and loves to be the center of attention. Its tail is so short it looks like a stub. Because it is so tiny, its body size is a major liability, and it should be kept well restrained at all times. The Chihuahua is a pet for those who want a smaller dog that is like a combination between a beagle and a poodle. Chihuahua The Chihuahua or “Little Dog” is an American breed and originated in Texas. The word “chihuahua” is Spanish for little dog. Chihuahuas are popular with their enormous size and tiny features. They look like little hamsters that roll around the house. They are known to be very loving dogs, and can’t wait to give kisses. They’re great little clowns! Chihuahuas are also known as “little dogs” in their home country of Mexico. They are the first to bark when you come home, and they’re usually calm and affectionate on their own. They’re lively, active, and curious, but once they get comfortable, they’re low-key, relaxed and more at home in an apartment than a dog in a big house. They’re smaller than terriers and do really well on a leash. Chihuahua The little wire-haired terrier is a very small breed that can make a perfect addition to any family. Some love their little Chihuahuas as your primary dogs while others find it is too much trouble. If you’re a full-time working parent, it might be a good idea to consider a new addition to your family that has some patience and attention to keep you entertained!


27. Collie

A Collie has an air of noble responsibility, which leads many people to find them the perfect family pet. It’s got a lot going for it, from a dominant personality to an endearing face. They’re often a very happy breed who loves human affection and attention. The Collie has the distinction of being the most common sheep herder breed in the world. They’re not without quirks, though. If you ever have to get your hands dirty with work around the house, make sure you are careful when holding them, as they can be a bit stubborn and might do that weird backward head wobble. They are not as active as other small dogs, but they make up for it in a good way with personality.

28. Corgi

The corgi is a type of small dog that comes in a variety of colors, with the most common being white, gray, red and black. These dogs come in a variety of sizes, as well, ranging from a handbag-sized pup to a 13 pound hound. These dogs love going on walks, and are also used as therapy dogs.


29. Boston Terrier

This smaller terrier is an urban dog, or urban small dog, and is commonly found in the cities of North America. The Boston Terrier is intelligent, affectionate and fun to have around. The Boston Terrier is also a registered therapy dog breed, who often spend time working with children in hospitals and schools.

30. Dachshund

Dachshund, also called “Lapphund” in the USA, is the most common of the other small breeds. Lapphunds are all spindle-shaped and designed to have a very high drive to hunt down their prey, which they prefer to hunt without a leash. That’s not always easy, but it is what they do best and they don’t give up easily.


31. Parson Russell Terrier

Parson Russell Terriers are popular both because they have a classic British look and because they are easy to train. These small terriers can easily adapt to city life if you have a fenced yard. This is another small terrier (only 20 to 40 pounds) that tends to be easily spooked, but they make great family pets. The Parson Russell Terrier usually doesn’t bark very much and is great at barking for attention when you’re not around. They will jump all over you and love to play tug-of-war.


32. Doberman

You’ve likely seen one, but what about one that is heavily camouflaged with spots and stripes? The Doberman Pinscher is a high-energy dog that loves to be around people. It has lots of energy, and will need lots of exercise. They can be nervous, so require an owner who is willing to take the training seriously. They’re smart and trainable, but a little harder to find an owner for. The Doberman has lots of character and energy, and they have an almost larger than life appearance. This breed can have a lot of danger with it, as the Doberman had been trained to kill other dogs by the Nazis. In addition to Doberman, the Portuguese Water Dog and the German Shepherd Dog are recognized by the AKC as terriers. These dogs need lots of exercise and enjoy playing.

33. English Bulldog

Ebony/ Flickr English Bulldogs are the most popular breed in the U.K. and one of the most popular in the U.S. English Bulldogs have long, flexible snouts and big, expressive eyes. They may make good playmates for kids, but they also have a lot of energy. Like many bulldogs, English Bulldogs get aggressive when they’re in pain. They’re also excellent with kids. They are hypoallergenic, so they may be a good fit for those with allergies. One breed standard describes them as not wanting to be cuddled, but this breed does like to be with you!


34. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frises are one of the smallest dogs in the American Kennel Club’s standard of The American Kennel Club has some of the smallest of the dog breeds. Bichon Frise These cute little things are great with families, because they have very good families skills. They love kids and are good with older children. They are good with cats too. Best for: Collectors and pooches The world’s most popular of all pet breeds, the Bichon Frise has come to define American small dog culture. With a slender, under-nose face and a large double coat, this pet is a naturally clean and well-behaved pooch that is ideally suited to apartment living. The bichon mix is a shorter-coated breed, and they are often small in size. They are definitely not energetic enough for home runs or long walks, but they are perfect as a home helper. 10. Pekinese Best for: Small sized homes, apartment living The bane of dogs who live in apartments, the Pekinese is compact in size. The fluff ball is a rare breed known for its amazing fluffy coat and its body type is described as “X-Ray vision.

35. Fox Terrier

With their name meaning “fox terrier,” this breed is typically spotted along the coastline of Australia. They tend to get along well with people and can be sweet or stubborn depending on their personality. They’re also a popular choice for those who live in areas that aren’t very animal friendly. They’re large dogs and, like the other terriers, can be stubborn when it comes to house training, and may escape. But that also means they can be great at getting out and into trouble when it comes to enjoying the outdoors. There are a few other specific things to consider when shopping for a miniature fox terrier, and that’s keeping the dog from being too hyper and playful. They need a lot of exercise and can be a bit stubborn about not obeying their owners’ commands. The Toy Fox Terrier is a very small dog, with a high prey drive, they love chasing mice and rabbits.


36. German Shepherd

You may have seen them in movies, but German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States, and the most common. They were originally bred to be a working dog that works with the police and military. As the breed evolved, these dogs developed the common traits of a working dog — they have great working dog intelligence, can work well with children and have a high need for physical activity. However, if you want a small dog that’s going to be a great walking companion for you and your family, these are not the dogs for you. This breed can have an energy level that’s high and can be difficult to handle if you’re looking for a pet that will sit in your lap for extended periods of time. Great dogs do not have to be large. The German Shepherd is a great choice for families who live in apartments or have small children. This breed is especially beneficial for small children as they like to give unconditional love.

37. Goldendoodle

Goldendoodles are similar to standard poodles but with a sweet personality. They have long faces, a shorter snout and a neat coat that is neither too shiny nor too short. They also have a very soft coat and are very affectionate and loving dogs. This breed is approved by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and is quite popular with families looking for a calm, adorable pet. However, this is not a small dog. The average Goldendoodle weight is 15 to 25 pounds and typically falls in the same middle range as a Chihuahua.


38. Cavachon

Another breed with adorable looks, the Cavachon comes in a variety of colors. While this breed is considered “pseudo-poodle” it can still go with all other small breeds. Cavachon’s are generally known for being a little less energetic and a lot more cuddly.

39. Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are like Labrador Retrievers on steroids. The Retriever Club of America says that this breed has a few things in common with the Labrador, but also shows that Golden Retrievers are better for families with children. These dogs are trainable and extremely affectionate with their families. The Retrievers also do best in an environment with a lot of space and attention. They love to be around people, and they are calm and gentle animals with a calm temperament. As a family dog, you can trust your little one with this breed.

40. Greyhound

There are many activities the greyhound does. source Laura Marquez/Flickr The racing greyhound was developed during the mid-1800s, and was a challenge for breeders. Greyhounds don’t breed well in captivity. Unlike many breeds of dogs, they require a lot of exercise and can be yappy. This breed, which is known as the “king of sport” for their love of competing, can actually have competitive children! If your favorite activity involves getting a little dirty, you might be ready for a greyhound.


41. Pug

Pug is a common breed of dog. source Shutterstock Pugs are known as a happy-go-lucky breed that was originally bred for the sole purpose of being a lap dog. So don’t let their size and slobber fool you. The mini version of this dog is also friendly and loves cuddling. Pugs are another popular breed, and there are many different breeds within the Pug category. They are large dogs that can be very active and enjoy getting out of the house as much as possible. These dogs are gentle and loving, but don’t always get along with cats. Some pugs, including those in the Pug du Nord group, have friendly personalities, while others are high energy. People with excessive energy are often drawn to the Pug breed. The Pug was made famous by the movie Oliver Twist, but you might remember the film from 2008, and the adorable British Bulldog from the same film, which gave the breed national attention. Pugs are usually pretty tall, and well proportioned and have a long elegant body. If you want a short dog, try a Pekingese. Pugs can be a great companion for people or as a family pet. They love attention and need a lot of affection. Pugs need a lot of exercise and need to have outdoor time. But they are generally very docile dogs. They like to be part of the action, so you should get one that can take to a home with older children.


42. Husky

It is an understatement to say huskies are loved by those that meet them. I don’t think any of us have even seen the size of their hearts until we’ve met them. Some people believe huskies have a temperament of a bear, but I think they have a temperament of being well trained in a house of people, not as rough and tumble as many bear dogs. Huskies are thought to be very patient and loyal. They also love water and can jump into the lake without hesitation. Although many husky puppies look a lot like pugs or Samoyeds, they are actually a more wolfy looking breed. This is because they can be as much as four feet long! They also have a tough coat and are a great breed for families with active kids because they aren’t as high maintenance.

43. Labradoodle

Labradors are sweet and soft-hearted little dogs with a great temperament. Their ease around children is also well-known. They’re good with other animals as well, and the offspring can also be a great pet for families with chickens. Labradors come in two sizes: a standard Labradoodle, which ranges in size from 18 to 25 pounds, and a puppy with the playful, playful energy of the Lab. Related: K9 Nose Work – The Dog Edition


44. Pomeranian

Poms (as they are also known) are extremely popular in the United States and many other countries. A relative of the Pekingese, Poms are compact dogs with short hair and very small heads. They’re intelligent, playful and low-energy dogs who need regular play time to keep their energy levels down.


45. Labrador

One of the most popular breeds of the current decade, Labs have a mix of traits from the English toy, West Highland White Terrier and herding breeds. They are usually easily trained but some are prone to health problems. Also, it is important to check a breeder’s reputation. Dog bite statistics over the years show how seriously this breed can be on people.


46. Pekingese

Made famous by Charlie Chaplin and the Little Tramp, the Pekingese is a lot of dog. It is generally found in the older, family size, and is used to a lot of physical activity. Like many small breeds, it has a small to medium body and long legs. It has a healthy appetite, and loves to run, playing fetch with a toy, but doesn’t need a ton of attention or exercise. It will be comfortable around all ages. One of the best things about pups that are so well known is that you can find them a lot more affordable, especially since some varieties don’t have health problems to worry about. The Pekingese is a very fun and active breed. These little dogs are the only dog in the world to have been invited to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the 2008 Olympic games. They were selected for their gentle nature. They have a long and wrinkled coat which they don’t shed. They are known to be highly intelligent and they are great watchdogs, too.

47. Pitbull

Small and Athletic, They’re a Super-Fun Family Dog Pitbulls are one of the most popular breeds of dog in the world, and not without reason. Pitbulls are very affectionate, strong and quick to learn to obey basic commands. They are the perfect breed for homes with children, especially those with active parents. They are also loving family dogs and really enjoy the company of children.


48. Poodle

Often mistaken for a toy breed, a poodle is a medium-sized long-haired breed with a brush, but it needs a lot of care. The poodle is very clean, just like dogs who play in the water, and that’s a big deal with this breed, because they need a lot of grooming. Other important things to keep in mind about this breed include the fact that poodles need regular ear cleaning and vet care. Another thing that will determine whether a dog is suitable to live with young children is its temperament. Some poodles can be nervous in new environments, so they’re not the best choice for kids.


49. Retriever

The Retriever breed are also one of the most versatile. They can be great at obedience or competition. The breed has traditionally been used for helping fisherman with their lines. They will retrieve and bring the lure back. Retrievers have a lot of meaty white on their bodies which makes them very healthy. The white on their coats helps prevent the markings that form when you are running after a dog. They love to run and swim, so some will do fine as a companion for fishermen, and others would have better success as a service dog. Retrievers tend to have a specific breed of some kind, like the Irish Wolfhound. They are smart and caring dogs, but they have a hard time sharing space. A Retriever may try to boss another dog around, so they may not fit well in a house with young children.

50. Rottweiler

Often confused with the mastiff, this breed comes from a breed called the Bavarian hound. It is a large, powerful dog that can come with a reputation for aggression. But it is also a very smart and loving family dog. Rottweilers are known to be great with children. They’re also one of the most handsome dogs out there, whether on TV, at the dog park or on a red carpet.



51. Siberian Husky

These cute, massive huskies have a lot of different looks that vary in size. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t all have similar personalities. Their size makes them a great option for apartment life and a perfect playmate for children. If you do decide to take on a large breed, be sure to play with it regularly so it doesn’t end up being scared of you or too emotionally dependent on you.


52. Jack Russell Terrier

Jacks are often the closest breed to the smaller version of a true terrier. You might also see them being referred to as fox terriers. Jacks come in various colours and coats but all share the same temperaments, energy and, of course, lively personalities. This breed can be trained to tree squirrels or hunt. They were bred for rat hunting in the early centuries so it’s in their blood to hunt and even kill prey.