The Definitive Guide to Ice Cream for Dogs

The Definitive Guide to Ice Cream for Dogs

Ice cream for dogs? For real? Yes, for real, because ice cream is delicious. Ice cream is also dangerous, because it can cause your dog to suffer. However, the problem is easily solved by making sure your dog gets plenty of exercise and doesn’t eat much ice cream to begin with. Make sure your dog is healthy before you start giving her ice cream, and make sure you don’t give her too much. Here are a few tips for making sure your dog gets plenty of exercise and eats only the best ice cream.

Potential Health Concerns

Mild toxicity Concerns that ice cream can be fatal if eaten in high quantities The main concern is a mild toxicity called Methemoglobinemia. Methemoglobinemia is a condition that happens when the amount of oxygen in the blood gets too low. Methemoglobinemia can cause confusion, seizures, or sudden death. Breeds That Are At Risk You should be especially careful if your dog is predisposed to getting Methemoglobinemia. Alaskan Malamute American Eskimo Dog English Springer Spaniel Chihuahua Dachshund Great Pyrenees Alaskan Malamute The Methemoglobinemia Detection Test There is currently no FDA-approved test that can detect Methemoglobinemia. The only test that can determine if your dog has ingested too much of the toxin in ice cream is to let the dog eat some.

How to Safely Serve Ice Cream to Your Dog

Be careful not to give your dog ice cream with anything but a spoonful or two at a time. No one wants to make sure your dog is healthy for the love of ice cream. You’ll need to keep your dog moving to avoid obesity, which is one of the most serious medical conditions for dogs. Eating enough to maintain weight and avoid obesity is as simple as exercise. Your dog should get daily walks or play with other dogs. Work is another great way to exercise a dog. However, the best way to exercise a dog is to play fetch with him. My dogs will play with me for hours at a time, and are perfectly content to play for hours on end. Here’s a trick I use when my dogs aren’t looking at me: I play fetch.

What to Do If Your Pup Ate Ice Cream on Its Own

If your dog is sick or behaving strangely and is eating ice cream on its own, make sure you take your dog to a vet. Your dog might be having a minor gastric tract issue, or she might be seriously ill, and an ice cream overdose is an excellent way to bring about the end of its life. Any dog that is seriously ill should be taken to a vet, even if your vet tells you that your dog seems fine. If your dog is having symptoms, take it to the vet, and if your vet is concerned about your dog’s health, they’ll likely run tests to figure out exactly what’s wrong with the dog. What to Do If Your Dog Is Dehydrated Dehydration can happen to any dog, and it usually means your dog has gone without water for a long period of time.


Ice cream for dogs is a great way to socialize a dog and treat yourself as well. However, you need to take some precautions to prevent your dog from getting too full of ice cream.

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