Shih Tzu

Introduction: An adult Shih Tzu is a little lapdog weighing up to 16 pounds and has long, silky hair that needs to be groomed regularly. Although this breed is loyal and kind to its family, it has been known to misbehave! Today, we’ll look at the benefits and drawbacks of sharing your home with a fully matured Shih Tzu. Let us assist you in determining if this is the right breed for you.

Shih Tzu

What should you look for in a puppy, and how should you care for your Shih Tzu as an adult? Shih Tzus are friendly family dogs who enjoy spending playtime with their owners and interacting with others. They are very gregarious animals and relatively few, so they can easily adjust to travel. Because their luscious coat tangles, daily grooming is essential, although it only takes a few minutes each day.

Although some pets weigh as much as 16 pounds, the average weight is around 10 pounds. These dogs can reach a maximum height of 11 inches, while some adults can be as low as eight inches. Before bringing a Shih Tzu home, consider this breed’s benefits and drawbacks because prices start at $500 or more. Here are a few key things to take read about.


Pros of the Shih Tzu Dog Breed

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Shih Tzu puppies and dogs make great buddies.

• These dogs are wonderful companions. Almost every family arrangement lends itself to the addition of a Shih Tzu. These dogs are mainly companion animals, assisting in friendship and love to individuals in need. Even if a person is not feeling good, this breed is known for bringing comfort and tranquility. As a result, these puppies love to live with elders, older couples, and in nursing homes or providing assisted living facilities. This breed is among the favorites of young people and families with older children.

Shih Tzu dogs are somewhat laid back and generally healthy.

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• When compared to other breeds, Shih Tzus don’t get into as much trouble. They strongly desire to please and are grateful for a place to call home. Even if you have the urge to be slow in obeying a directive, you’ll find that most people are simple to forgive because they freely give unconditional love. They have an aristocratic appearance and temperament and clear preferences and dislikes. You’ll find them a hardy breed that is remarkably robust, considering their small size.

Shih Tzu usually gets along with other pets and people.

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• When it comes to other pets, this breed is generally calm. Some Shih Tzus tend to think of themselves as the boss. It is for this reason that they can be so obstinate at times. You’ll also discover that your ambition to be the leader in your family doesn’t conflict with their desire for peace. Instead of confronting other pets that are four times its size, this breed prefers to keep to itself. Even if you have cats, your dog will prefer to spend time with you or run around with everyone else over getting into a fight or causing a stir.

• Strangers are generally kind (or at least polite) to Shih Tzus, though socialization is required to develop this trusting temperament. Shih Tzus are also peaceful with other pets.


Cons of the Shih Tzu Dog Breed

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Shih Tzu can be somewhat difficult to housebreak if not properly trained.

• Housetraining this breed might be difficult. When it comes to housetraining, Shih Tzus are no different than most little dog breeds. Getting them to the stage where they notice the need to go to the bathroom and have enough time to get them on the grass can be quite a task. This breed is also tenacious in its behavior, but you will finally succeed if you are consistent in your training approaches. Be prepared for this process to take longer than expected if you’re used to potty training other dogs.

Shih Tzu does have the usual health risks, and the tiny ones can have even more.

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• Shih Tzus have certain health risks to think about. Because the dog’s respiratory system is impaired, the most crucial habit change will be to quit smoking near them. You should also keep the dog away from freshly cut grass and pollen as much as possible. During the warmer and humid times of the year, Shih Tzus crave more indoor activities. They are at high risk of heatstroke since their panting is insufficient to reduce their body heat. You’ll also want to conduct frequent meetings with your veterinarian to ensure their heart and blood pressure levels are monitored routinely.

Some people say that Shih Tzu is stubborn and manipulative.

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• The Shih Tzu is a dog breed known for its playful nature. Shih Tzus are known for being sweet-natured but also surprisingly stubborn for their size. Over time, some people can also become manipulative. As the pack leader, you must be completely consistent in everything you say. These dogs are highly driven by food, but relying solely on this strategy for training will result in a puppy who will only listen when goodies are available. The word “no” is one of the most crucial things you can teach your new animal pet.

• They can be expensive to groom. One of the benefits and drawbacks of adopting a Shih Tzu is its high cost. You may have to pay a lot of extra money to keep them at their best. Silky hairs cover the entire body of these dogs. Brushing them is insufficient. You should also bathe them once every three weeks with a hair treatment for this breed.


Grooming the Shih Tzu can be expensive and difficult if not properly cared for.

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Conclusion: Life with Shih Tzus can be difficult if you don’t train your Shih Tzu to respect you and your family pack. They have a stubborn streak that can lead them into a lot of trouble, but they don’t have the same curiosity drive as other dogs. Bringing one home can start a wonderful connection if you don’t mind completing the daily brushing or keeping an eye on the quality of the surroundings around your pup. Also, think about your living situation before choosing a pricey dog breed. They can make good family dogs, but you’ll need to devote significant work to training and socialization.