Introduction: Puggles are cross-breed dogs known for being adorable and lovable. But where do Puggles come from? What’s the story behind this popular hybrid dog breed?

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the origins of Puggles and what makes them so special. So, whether you’re a proud Puggle owner or just thinking about adding one to your family, read on for some interesting facts about these furry friends!

The Puggle is a relatively recent cross breed between a beagle and a pug. It is not a purebred dog. The Puggle was the forerunner of the cross-breeding movement known as “designer dogs.” Wallace Havens, a dog breeder, created the Puggles in the 1980s in Wisconsin.



He was well-versed in both Pugs and Beagles, and he considered that the main attributes and traits of both dog breeds were highly desirable and that, when combined, they would form an excellent family pet. When the first litter was born, no one could resist the mix of floppy hound-like ears, wrinkled foreheads, and extraordinarily large, expressive eyes.

Wallace Havens gave the new hybrid breed the name “Puggle” and registered it with the American Canine Hybrid Club. The Puggle, like the Pug, is noted for its outgoing nature. The Puggle is full of life and enthusiasm, yet it also enjoys snuggling up on the bed or couch or lounging in the sun, catching some rays all day.


Puggle dog


Puggles make wonderful companion dogs and are noted for their devotion to their owners. They overflow with love and devotion and are always begging someone to pay attention to them and play with them. Puggles are popular because they are highly perceptive dogs. They are familiar with their family’s daily routine and typical habits. If you do something that isn’t “on schedule,” don’t be surprised if they seem perplexed and will frequently bark in protest.

If a Puggle notices that their master is distressed, they will snuggle up against them and try to cheer them up. Puggles, like beagles, are very loyal to their owners and family. If they detect any danger, such as an intruder, they will instantly begin to notify the family.


full grown black puggle


Though a Puggle is known for its voracious appetite, it is not picky about its food. Don’t be startled if your Puggle is continually hungry and begs for food. However, because they never feel full, it is critical to keep track of your Puggle’s daily food intake to prevent them from becoming overweight. Because the Puggle is a cross between two breeds, its physical traits will differ.

Because their snout is significantly longer than a Pug, a Puggle will not have the same respiratory problems as a Pug. Puggles are also known to exhibit Beagle-like agility and stamina. The majority of Puggles are tan in color and require little maintenance. However, they shed in the autumn and spring months, so you’ll have to brush their coat to keep shedding to a minimum.

The Puggle is a hybrid, and some Puggles have more Beagle-like features, and some have more Pug-like features; while breeding this designer dog, it truly depends on the dominance of particular genes of the parents.


adult puggle


Conclusion: The Puggle has recently become a popular dog breed, and for a good reason. This cross-breed is known for being gentle, loving, and intelligent. They make excellent family pets and are great with children. If you’re considering adding a Puggle to your family, do your research first to find a reputable breeder. And if you should decide that the Puggle is the right dog for you, be prepared for lots of love and laughs from this delightful breed.


fat puggle