Top 10 Best Low Energy Small Dogs That Are Perfect For Your Family

Top 10 Best Low Energy Small Dogs That Are Perfect For Your Family

Have you ever thought about getting a dog but you are worried about the amount of energy they have? Well, if you are a busy man or woman and looking for a dog that won’t be too much of a hassle, you may want to consider getting a small dog. I have selected the top 10 small dogs that are perfect for your family. These dogs are smart, loyal, obedient, playful and cute. The following dogs are perfect for your family because they are small and don’t have much of an energy level.

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a very playful, loyal and lively breed of dogs. This breed is one of the most popular small dogs in the world. They are about a foot long and weigh around five and a half pounds. They can be hypoallergenic and will adapt to many family and home environments. The French Bulldog is friendly and social. They love children and will make a wonderful pet for anyone. These dogs are small and can be kept outside because they are pretty lazy dogs. If you have an older child or a toddler, then a French Bulldog is a great choice for you and your family. One of the reasons why they are so great is that they are very clean. When it comes to grooming, the French Bulldog is a very tidy dog and will not bite their legs.

Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound is a breed of dogs originating in Italy. They can be any height from 1.4m (4ft) all the way up to 1.7m (5ft). Italian Greyhounds are large and easy to handle. They are the perfect size for families because of their energy level. Coton de Tulears The Coton de Tulear is a medium size dog breed that originates from Mali. They are calm, easy to train, friendly, and playful. They can make wonderful pets for kids and adults. Because of their calm demeanor, they are perfect for families that have children who are quite active. The Welsh Terrier The Welsh Terrier is a small toy breed of dog that originated in Wales. They are popular among families because they are easy to handle and always super playful.


“Bolognese” is a long-haired miniature poodle. It is a small dog that is great for people who like smaller dogs. It is also great for those with allergies because the hair does not have to be shaved. These are some of the reasons that we love this dog so much. This dog gets along with people, is friendly, and doesn’t require a lot of energy. As for exercise, “Bolognese” will want to play with you, but other than that, he doesn’t need a lot of exercise. You will need to bring him to dog parks, but he does not have to go on walks every day. He will only require small walks when he is with you. Zorro If you are a pet owner, you know that your dog has to be energetic and fun to play with. For this reason, we chose the Zorro as one of the top small dogs.


These dogs are cute and small, and they are said to be the #1 most intelligent dog breed. They are great for families with small children. They have a compact, compact body. They have a tiny head, like a puffball. They are hardy dogs that can withstand any weather. They have been bred for the past few hundred years for one thing only, they are adorable. Poodle I’m sure your parents had at least one of these in the house. Poodles have the cutest face and the softest coat. You’ll know that your dog is a poodle because of the fact that his tail is always wagging. They’re loving dogs and make great house pets because they are friendly and affectionate. Pekingese and poodles can be partial to males and females. They should not be purchased before they’ve been spayed or neutered.

Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso is a very intelligent and friendly breed of dog. It is also known as the Tibetan Mastiff. Lhasa Apso dogs are known for being great family dogs because of their calm temperament. These dogs are always happy and enjoy spending time with their families. They can be active on the weekends but still love to be at home during the week. These dogs are also good at obedience training. They will need some time to adjust before going to your house. My dog is a Lhasa Apso. She is 8 months old. She is very cute and very energetic. Netherland Shepherd The Netherland Shepherd is an intelligent and energetic breed of dog. It is known for being a very protective dog.

Shih Tzu

This tiny dog is a very smart dog. The breed has been the choice of countless families around the world, primarily because of their high intelligence. In fact, they are known as the smartest dog on the planet. As a result, they are extremely popular as a service dogs in hospitals, nursing homes and for children with disabilities. In addition, the Shih Tzu has a beautiful and soft coat with long floppy ears. The breed is also excellent with kids and other dogs because they get along with everyone. The Shih Tzu was used as the inspiration for the beloved dog in the movie Lady and the Tramp. The breed’s name comes from the Chinese word “yue” meaning “patience.” Shih Tzu Breed FAQ: The Shih Tzu is not a purebred dog. They are often the result of cross breeding.


Yes, the infamous Dachshund makes the list of the top 10 small dogs that you should consider. They are smart and love to be around people. They have an energetic temperament and have a lot of energy. However, because of that, they would be perfect for families that like to go on long walks with their dog. When we are out walking our dog, they always bring a smile to our faces. There are quite a few small Dachshunds available for purchase in the marketplace. Some of them even come with different colors to choose from. My suggestion is to look for a dog from a breeder as opposed to buying a puppy because a Dachshund puppy is a lot more expensive than a normal dog.


Maltese is a small breed of dog that resembles the Maltese cat. They are pretty small. The Maltese does not have a lot of energy but they have very good manners. They are smart and adorable. They love people and are wonderful with children. They are also very friendly with other dogs and are healthy, loyal, affectionate and gentle. I actually have a Maltese that is very similar to the one in the picture. I am going to tell you more about this Maltese here. Rottweiler The Rottweiler is a German Shepherd Dog breed. They are strong and loyal dogs and they love to work. They are considered to be good guard dogs and have a sense of smell that is 20 times better than a human being’s. They are also very easy going and very smart dogs that just need a nice family to love and care for them.


Papillon is a small French poodle with a feather coat and floppy ears. They are bred to be a quiet, loving companion dog. They have a great disposition and are just as sweet as they look. Papillon Small Dog Breed and Information Papillon Small Dog Breed Statistics and Information Size: 5 – 8 lbs. Gender: Male Color: Light golden brown Health Issues: Tiny little bones. They are not recommended for single people and not recommended for families with older children. Socialization and Training: Small dogs are best if they have a lot of physical activity and socialization. If they aren’t socialized or are not getting the exercise they need, you are more likely to have more health issues. Behavior: They are very sociable and alert. They can be easily trained for the most part.

Basset Hound

The Basset hound is an outstanding choice if you are looking for a very loyal dog. These dogs can adapt very well to new environments and they are just a little timid. The Basset hound does best when it is in a home that is calm and quiet. This breed is also a great choice for someone looking for a dog that will bond with you. The Basset hound is highly protective of it’s owner. It is also a great choice for those people who don’t have a lot of time for exercise. These dogs are very durable, and have survived for hundreds of years. Buddhist Mastiff The Buddhist Mastiff is an extraordinary breed. It is very docile, calm, and a very obedient dog. It is very friendly and willing to please. Buddhist mastiff are very loyal and will just love you and follow you around the house.

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