Top 10 Low Maintenance Dogs: The Best Dogs for Busy People

Top 10 Low Maintenance Dogs: The Best Dogs for Busy People

I have always loved dogs. They are amazing creatures that can make any place feel like home. But they also take up a lot of time. If you have a dog, you know all about the time it takes to train it, the time it takes to clean up after it, and the time it takes to walk it. So I decided to do some research and find out which dogs are the best when it comes to being low maintenance. I came up with the 10 top low maintenance dogs. These are the best dogs for busy people.


No list of low maintenance dogs would be complete without a dachshund. They are the perfect little people dogs. They are incredibly loyal and loving. Their small size makes them easy to carry. A dachshund can run around for hours without tiredness. They are very easy to walk and very sociable. Dachshunds are affectionate and playful. It’s very easy to train them as well. They are easy to train on basic obedience as they are not great walkers. The majority of dogs out there today are very hard to train. So, you want to invest in a dachshund that is easy to train. Go to this site to find a dachshund that’s perfect for you.


There is something so incredible about this dog breed. These dogs are highly intelligent and are known to be gentle giants. They have huge paws and an incredibly calm demeanor. They are the perfect dog for anyone who needs a big, fluffy dog that isn’t going to chew up your furniture. Jedi Jedi is a Great Pyrenees mix that is a funny, playful guy that loves attention and wants to play with everyone. He loves to wrestle and is a one of the top Golden Retrievers in the country. While he is a big dog, he is very low maintenance and loves to sit next to you on the couch and look up at you adoringly. He is also great for potty training as he isn’t as big of a jumpy as some of the other dogs. He is great for kids and adults.

French Bulldog

There’s nothing quite like a French Bulldog. They’re easy to care for, they’re huge and adorable, and they love attention and affection. I recently took a trip to France with my dog Quixote. He was an incredible travel companion and it was really easy to travel with him. Quixote was also easy to walk, although I really felt bad for the families in St. Malo who didn’t have the space for a giant animal to walk along the beaches with them. The English Bulldog The English Bulldog is a great companion dog. They are extremely loyal, calm, and friendly. They love to cuddle with their family and make them feel good. My American Bulldog Bailey has no real other purpose in life than to make me smile. She’s a comedian, a little rambunctious, and very sociable.


With the long haired chihuahua, you get plenty of fur around your home, but it takes only two minutes to groom it. If you’re ever unsure of your dog’s fur, the furless dog will be easy to clean and use less energy for exercise. Strawberry I’ve never met a dog that likes to eat. Some dogs would never eat, but a strawberry that likes to eat? Yep. That’s why these dogs are so low maintenance. They eat and walk a lot, but they don’t eat too much. Lamprosema Decora: You probably want a low maintenance dog if you have a short hair dog like a pug or yorkie. If you think you’re up to the task of grooming a pug or yorkie every day, a short haired dog is your best bet. Odorless and no shedding. Cocker Spaniel I can’t emphasize enough that these dogs are low maintenance.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

I am all for a big dog. These dogs are like giant lap dogs. They can’t be tamed, so you can’t really let them live on the floor. But, they are really good family dogs. They can take a lot of time to train, but once you do they become loyal and loving companions. They are actually pretty low maintenance, even if you don’t walk them a lot. If you take them on daily walks, you will see they only need 10 minutes or so of exercise every day. The most important thing with these dogs is obedience. They don’t really need to go for long walks, and they are not very active. On the other hand, they love to be with their owners. Dachshund If you love Dachshunds, you are going to adore this low maintenance breed. These little dogs are known for being low maintenance and loving.

West Highland White Terrier

This dog has the distinction of being America’s smallest breed of dog. They’re the perfect size for apartment living and keep an air of sophistication about them. They’re a very smart breed, but don’t require a lot of discipline. They’re also great around kids and very easy to train. Ferrets This is one of the most unusual pets, but ferrets also make excellent house pets. They can go to the vet, and they do take some training. But they love to snuggle, and they enjoy spending time in your lap. The best thing about ferrets is that they can be picked up and dropped without it being a big deal. So your kid or grandkid can play with one while you take care of other things. Beagles Beagles are the classic puppy. They are playful and happy to please. They’re also low maintenance.

Brussels Griffon

The Brussels Griffon is the king of the low maintenance dog list. It is the most popular breed of dog in America and the top dog for homes with one person. They are also relatively new as a pet type, making them a perfect choice for a younger person who wants a family pet. Their slightly curved coat has layers in between them. The tips of their ears are also blunt, making them seem less pointy and more friendly. The breed tends to get a bad rap, but I was surprised to find they are smart and loving dogs. In fact, they are actually one of the top breeds to recommend for teaching. Thoat The Thoat is one of the oldest breeds in the world. This adorable German shepherd is a good choice for older people. They can live up to 15 years and they love children.


Mastiffs are the perfect choice for a low maintenance dog. Mastiffs are big, strong, and extremely intelligent. They need a lot of attention, but they don’t make you work very hard for it. This is because they are content to be around people. They aren’t demanding, but they are always ready to be with you. Mastiffs also need a lot of exercise, so even if they are low maintenance, you still need to make sure that you keep them fit. Poodles You may be surprised to find out that poodles are the most popular breed of dog in the United States. As the name suggests, poodles are full of energy. But they are also loyal. Poodles require a lot of exercise, but they also are great when you need to get things done. Poodles love to go on car rides, and they aren’t scared of much.


If you are looking for a dog that will have a gentle temperament, a bullmastiff is the right dog for you. They are good with children and have been used to care for babies and the elderly. All dogs have their fair share of health problems, but bullmastiffs tend to be less affected by these. They also tend to have a lot of energy. If you have a large property to roam on, a bullmastiff is the dog for you. A man with the appropriate experience can train a bullmastiff. Read more about how to train your bullmastiff here. Havanese I chose the havanese dog for my top 10 list of low maintenance dogs because of the amount of work you do to train a havanese dog. There is a fair amount of thought and effort that goes into learning how to train this breed.


If you ever want to see a dog run away from a fan, just let it bark. Don’t believe me? Ask this guy. Poodles, like other dogs, require daily exercise to stay healthy and happy. If you don’t get your poodle to the vet or walk it, it will stay overweight, which can lead to a number of health problems. Poodles are such low maintenance dogs because they only require a short walk once a day, usually in the morning. If you can’t manage to get your dog to the vet once a month, then you’ll probably have to take it to the vet multiple times a year. The Poodle was ranked as the best low maintenance dog because they are easy to manage. Poodle Facts: Poodles are very smart and they require a lot of exercise to keep them happy and healthy.

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