Dog Health Care Insurance

Many people do not feel the need to get a dog health care insurance. But you need to understand that pet care is very expensive.

If your dogs gets ill then you would have to spend hundreds of dollars to make your dog fine again and you can’t afford to ignore your dog’s health either. Hence it is necessary to get a dog health care insurance.

All dogs like playing around and in the process it is usual that your dog gets bruises or minor injuries. Hence you would need to spend a lot if you don’t have dog health insurance. Sometimes only initial examinations cost above $200.

There are numerous infections and other ailments which can affect your dog. If unfortunately your dog gets affected by any of this then the bill won’t be under $500 if you are consulting any reputed vet. Hence it is always a good idea to opt for a dog health insurance.

So if you don’t want to shell out such high bills, then you better get a dog health insurance.

Lifetime coverage: If you do not opt for a reputed pet insurance company then there are chances that your company may drop you at the end of the year citing the reason that your pet gets sick periodically.

Insurance companies do that at the end of each year in order to reduce there costs. So when you are opting for a certain policy make sure it’s a lifetime coverage policy.

Also while choosing a dog health insurance make sure you choose the one which gives you a lifetime coverage policy.

Most of the policies give you a 80% cover, but the ailments which they cover vary depending upon the level of policy which you buy.

So if you are still confused about whether to get dog health insurance or not then I would strongly advise you to get one for your dog’s quality life and make sure you choose the right policy for your dog.

Dog Health Care Insurance Online?

Compare the insurance plans and features from the top list of the best rabbit insurance plans and quotes:

Pets Best – $200 deductible which covers accidents to 80% but minus the illness coverage.

Pet Plan – $200 deductible, 80% claims reimbursement (100% reimburse available for additional premium). It covers all accidents, injuries, and illnesses including hereditary conditions of the pet.

Hartville – $100 deductible which covers accidents and illnesses to 80%, including spaying and neutering, essential preventive care, rabies vaccination, free lost pet recovery tag, annual physical exam and dental cleaning, as well as continual coverage for some chronic and long-term conditions that may have arisen in the previous policy year.

PetHealth – $50 deductible with up to $2000 for selected accidents though no illness coverage.

Pet Assure is a membership plan where participating veterinarians and animal hospitals offer 25% discount to members, which is as good and cost-efficient as the best dog insurance available.

VPI – $50 deductible and pays 90% of approved claim per standard benefit schedule.

Embrace – $500 annual deductible, 20% coinsurance, $5,000 annual maximum, and no per incidence limits. It also covers accidents and illnesses, and genetic and chronic conditions except the home prescription drugs, dental illness, or wellness programs.

Trupanion – All policies pay 90% of your actual veterinary bill for any accident or illness, including hereditary and congenital conditions. Deductibles and premiums are adjustable to meet the pet owners needs and affordability.

Healthy Paws – Pays up to 90% of veterinary bill for any accident or illness, including hereditary and congenital conditions, and it is also customizable.

Pet Partners (AKC) – $125 deductible per incident and 10% co-paid.

PetFirst – $50 deductible for accidents and illnesses, while it covers accidents and illnesses to $7,500, advertising and reward to $250, and Kennel fees to $250.

Purina Care – $250 annual deductible and you just have to pays 80% of eligible expenses after deductible and co-pay. It covers all accidents, illnesses and does not exclude hereditary conditions or behavior modification.

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