Toy Maltese vs. Teacup Maltese

Nowadays, pets appear to get smaller and smaller sized. Typically, this is attributed to the reality that dog owners living in houses desire dogs that are easy to look after, require little workout routines, and easily fit into a handbag or perhaps a pocket.

Maltese pet dogs are already small, toy pet dogs weighing at the most seven pounds, but some breeders have been working on significantly lowering their size to produce teacup variations. There are several differences between toy and teacup pet dogs, both in physical characteristics and the methods they reproduce.

Toy Maltese Size vs. Teacup Maltese Size

The most unique and significant function that separates toys and teacups is size. Regular Maltese pets are small dogs categorized by the American Kennel Club under the toy group. However, teacups are considerably smaller sized when compared to routine Maltese. To better understand their small size, teacup Maltese are so small that you can easily fit them in a teacup when they are pups, hence their name.

Toy Maltese Weight vs. Teacup Maltese Size

Naturally, smaller sizes come likewise lower weights. According to the American Kennel Club’s standards, a regular Maltese must be anticipated to weigh under 7 pounds, with specimens weighing 4 to 6 pounds much chosen. On the other hand, Teacups weigh significantly less and are expected to weigh somewhere between two to four pounds typically.

Toy Maltese Breeding Approaches vs. Teacup Maltese Breeding Approaches

Routine toy Maltese pets are acquired by respectable breeders utilizing conventional breeding approaches that enhance the breed. But few people know that in reality, teacups are premature pups, technically speaking” runts of the litter” that are selectively inbred with the apparent size in mind. No responsible Maltese breeder would ever reproduce a female that weighs considerably less than the basic and pass on unwanted genetic defects.

Toy Maltese Health vs. Teacup Maltese Health

Weighing and being so tiny, however, does not come without significant risks and health problems. Teacup Maltese, therefore, are substantially vulnerable to health problems when compared to regular Maltese. Conditions typical in teacup Maltese are low blood sugar level, oral problems, seizures, vulnerable bones, and considerable heart problems simply among others.

Toy Maltese Cost vs. Teacup Maltese Cost

Despite teacup Maltese not being recognized as a breed by themselves by the American Kennel Club, dishonest breeders use the term” teacup” as a marketing tactic, making possible purchasers believe they are producing something minimal and precious. For that reason, they will typically ask a premium for Maltese teacup specimens, considerably far more than what one would anticipate paying for a regular-sized, much healthier Maltese.