Teacup Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

Vermont, VT Teacup Breeders and Rescue Organizations

Teacup Puppies For Sale, Teacup, Tiny Toy and Miniature Puppies for Adoption and Rescue from Vermont, VT. Including the Yorkie, Chihuahua, Morkie, Maltese, Poodle, Labradoodle, Cockapoo, Maltipoo, Pomeranian, Shih Tzu and more.

Welcome to our Vermont Teacup Puppies information page. Below you will find Vermont Teacup breeders, Vermont Teacup rescues, Vermont Teacup shelters and Vermont Teacup humane society organizations that will help you find the perfect Teacup puppy or dog for your family.

French Bulldog Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

Corbett Creek Kennel
Topsham, VT, United States

Doublebarrel Kennels Cin
Burlington, VT, United States


Teacup Pomeranian Breed Spotlight

The teacup Pom is a small, active and precious dog. They tend to weigh between 2 and 5 lbs to be considered teacup size. They come in a variety of colors including red, orange, white or cream, blue, brown, black with some being particolored. They are perky, friendly and need exercise like all breeds.

Teacup Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

Contact the Rescues and Animal Shelters below directly for information on adoption and costs.

White River Animal Rescue
White River Junction, VT 05001


Teacup Yorkie Breed Spotlight

These dogs may be tiny, but they have the sweetest personalities. The pocket-sized Yorkshire Terrier can ride in a purse and make the perfect lap dog. They bark at loud noises and can live 12-15 years. The size varies but 2-5 lbs are about right for teacup size. Colors include black and gold, black and silver, black and tan and parti colors.

Teacup Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

Long Trail Canine Rescue
Wilder, VT 05088

Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society
4832 RT 44
P.O. Box 702
Brownsville, VT 05037


Teacup Chihuahua Breed Spotlight

The tiny teacup Chihuahua is truly a small dog. They can be as small as 2 to 4 lbs and are considered teacup. They tend to bark more than other breeds and can be a one-person dog. Most like to cuddle and make great lap dogs. Socialize them with the entire family early if possible. Colors include black, white, fawn, cream, chocolate, gold and many more variations including merle and this breed comes in both long-haired and short hair versions.

Teacup Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

Turtle Hill Farm Animal Sanctuary of VT
631 Town Hill Road
Reading, VT 05062

Springfield Humane Society Inc.
401 Skitchewaug Trail
Springfield, VT 05156
(802) 885-3997


Teacup Poodle Breed Spotlight

This breed is an unofficial size variation of the Poodle. Also called the Toy Poodle. They make great companions for both individuals and families. Intelligent, Loving, Loyal and Social. They come in many colors including black, silver, blue, gray, apricot, beige, brown, red and white. They tend to be 10 inches or smaller, and under 5 pounds in weight to be considered teacup or toy size.

Teacup Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

Potters Angels Rescue
Randolph Center, VT 05061

Rutland County Humane Society
765 Stevens Road
Pittsford, VT 05763
(802) 483-6700


Teacup Maltese Breed Spotlight

The teacup Maltese is a name given to the smallest size of the already mini breed. They are playful and full of energy until it’s nap time. This breed makes a great lap dog and you can carry them in your purse if small enough. They do fine living in an apartment but remember all breeds need exercise. The teacup Maltese tends to be between 2 and 4 lbs.

Teacup Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

Green Mtn Pug Rescue
283 Town Line Road
Mendon, VT 05701

Maple Leaf Mutts
Rutland, VT 05701
(802) 776-8010


Teacup Maltipoo Breed Spotlight

This designer hybrid dog comes from breeding the Poodle and Maltese. The teacup Maltipoo is gentle and affectionate, known to be great family dogs and can be trained to be therapy dogs due to their sweet disposition. Colors include silver, black, white, black cream, grey, light brown and more. Estimates of 8 to 14 inches tall and 5 to 15 lbs are generally considered teacup size.

Teacup Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

Random Rescue
Williamstown, VT 05679
(802) 433-5912

Good Karma Rescue Inc.
Montpelier, VT 05602
(802) 595-5110


Teacup Schnauzer Breed Spotlight

This miniature breed tends to weigh under 7 lbs to be considered teacup size. They are usually well mannered and love playing and having fun. They are curious and alert but also make a great lap or couch dogs. Colors include white, salt and pepper, black with white markings, platinum silver, liver pepper, black and silver, liver pepper parti, chocolate or liver and many more. This mini breed also needs exercise and proper vet care to live a long life of 12-14 years.

Teacup Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

Central Vermont Humane Society
1589 Vermont Route 14S
East Montpelier, VT 05651
(802) 476-3811

Golden Huggs Rescue Inc
Waitsfield, VT 05673
(888) 888-8888


Teacup Morkie Breed Spotlight

The Morkie is a designer or hybrid that was created by breeding the Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier. With both breeds being toy size, the teacup version comes from breeding smaller parents. Teacup size tends to be 3 to 5 lbs. They make great lap dogs and love to play and run around. Great for kids and families providing they are well socialized at birth. Some colors include black, brown, black and white, gold and black and gold. Small enough to carry in a purse and playful enough for short walks.

Teacup Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

Homeward Bound Animal Welfare Center
236 Boardman Street
Middlebury, VT 05753

Kingdom Animal Shelter, Inc
P.O. Box 462
1664 Memorial Drive
St. Johnsbury, VT 05819
(802) 741-7387


Teacup French Bulldog Breed Spotlight

This miniature breed usually gets the teacup term by being in the 10-14 lb weight range. Height is around 11-12 inches. The Frenchie is dignified and can be stubborn but most want to love and be loved. They come in many colors including the rare lilac, chocolate, blue and fawn, black, sable, blue, black and tan and more. They are a lively breed that needs exercise daily. Short walks in the park or playing fetch in the house are great ideas. They love to chew toys and as with any breed, you should visit your vet monthly for a checkup.

Teacup Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

New England Helps Greek Strays
Vergennes, VT 05491

Heidi’s Haven Rescue
Ferrisburgh, VT 05456

VT Dog Rescue
Hinesburg, VT 05461
(802) 482-2711

1. Teacup Pomeranian Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

Teacup Pomeranian Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

Pomeranian Teacup Puppies ended up being popular thanks to Europe’s royalty who utilized to own them. Britain’s Queen Victoria owned a little Pomeranian whose size would end up being the modern-day requirement for the pet dog type.

2. Teacup Chihuahua Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

Teacup Chihuahua Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

The Chihuahua’s origins are ancient particularly in Mexico. It was the pet of the ancient Toltecs and later on the food source (gasp!) of the Aztecs. The Chihuahua is called the tiniest type by some companies.

3. Teacup Yorkie Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

Teacup Yorkie Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

The Yorkshire Terrier type’s initial function was to capture rats! Reproduced throughout the 19th century as rat catchers in Yorkshire, England – they were later on acknowledged as a buddy animal in the years to follow.

4. Teacup Poodle Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

Teacup Poodle Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

Initially reproduced in Germany, the teacup Poodle was promoted in France and spoiled by French nobility, particularly by the Sun King Louis XVI.

5. Teacup Maltese Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

Teacup Maltese Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

A routine Maltese according to the American Kennel Club’s requirements ought to be anticipated to weigh under 7 pounds. Teacups weigh substantially less, and are anticipated to normally weigh someplace in between 2 to 4 pounds!

6. Teacup Pomsky Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

Teacup Pomsky Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

Teacup Pomskies are a crossbreed in between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky. This designer mixed breed is getting in appeal with pet dog enthusiasts as breeders continue to tweak to accomplish the ideal appearance – a Husky however smaller sized in size, like a small dog!

7. Teacup Shih Tzu Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

Teacup Shih Tzu Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

Usually, when a breeder types for pets on the lower end of the weight scale (closer to the nine-pound weight), they will utilize the regard to Imperial or teacup Shih Tzu. Professionals suggest you do a great deal of research study when it pertains to small Shih Tzu dogs as particular health concerns occur.

8. Teacup Maltipoo Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

Teacup Maltipoo Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

The teacup maltipoo (or the teacup Maltese Poodle mix), remains in high need because of how cute it is. This is a cross of a Poodle and teacup Maltese.

9. Teacup Beagle Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

Teacup Beagle Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

Elizabeth I (1533-1603) kept packs of “Pocket Beagles” (teacup Beagles) who stood just 9 inches high. These lap dogs were portrayed in paintings as short-legged and pointy-nosed. This type rapidly lost their appeal as they weren’t really quick while on the fox chase!

10. Teacup Pug Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

Teacup Pug Puppies For Sale in Vermont, VT

Teacup Pugs are simply small pugs- compact, muscular pets with square functions. They have a greatly old and wrinkly confront with a black, snub-nosed snout. These canines have an even personality and are really friendly in nature however do not get puzzled, Doug the Pug is not a teacup type!

Other little types that can be thought about teacup not on this list consist of the Brussels Griffon, Fox Terrier, Boston Terrier, the Morkie, and Japanese Chin. These small pets remain in some circles thought about to be toy pet dog types.

Teacup types are particularly popular on Instagram in case you were intending to get on that bandwagon. Discovering a trusted breeder goes a long way if you’re thinking about coping with a healthy teacup type, so canine owners ought to do their research study when searching for young puppies.


Second Chance Animal Center
6779 Rte 7A
Shaftsbury, VT 05262

Riverside Rescue
236 Riverside Avenue
Lunenburg, VT 05906

Champlain Valley Canine Rescue
Charlotte, VT 05445

Passion 4 Paws
Shelburne, VT 05482

All Breed Rescue, Inc.
491 Industrial Avenue
Williston, VT 05495

Vermont English Bulldog Rescue
Williston, VT 05495

Little Woof Small Dog Rescue Inc.
P.O. Box 93
Essex Junction, VT 05453

Poodle Rescue of Vermont
Essex Junction, VT 05451
802 497 4144

A Canine Gem Rescue
Colchester, VT 05446
(802) 989-1675


Keep Checking Back For New Vermont, VT Breeders and Rescue Listings.

Some of the Vermont, VT Cities that we plan to include Puppies For Sale and Rescue Organizations are listed below. If you are located in this state and would like to be listed in our Breeder and Rescue Directory please email contact us.

Burlington, VT
South Burlington, VT
Rutland, VT
Essex Junction, VT
Barre, VT
Bennington, VT
Montpelier, VT
Winooski, VT
Brattleboro, VT
St. Albans, VT
Middlebury, VT
St. Johnsbury, VT
Newport, VT
Springfield, VT
Northfield, VT
West Brattleboro, VT
Bellows Falls, VT
Vergennes, VT
Swanton, VT
Windsor, VT
White River Junction, VT
Fair Haven, VT
West Rutland, VT
Waterbury, VT
Bristol, VT
Morrisville, VT
Manchester Center, VT
Milton, VT
North Bennington, VT
Poultney, VT
Randolph, VT
Wilder, VT
Brandon, VT
Johnson, VT
Richford, VT
South Barre, VT
Enosburg Falls, VT
Hardwick, VT
Jericho, VT
Lyndonville, VT
Arlington, VT
Chester, VT
Castleton, VT
Williamstown, VT



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